Read This If You Are Thinking of Training As a Door Supervisor in Plymouth

Who Should I Train With?

That is possibly the most important question that you can ask yourself.

So let me start by highlighting a few problems for you straight away so that I can help you avoid them.

1: Not Knowing What To Do Once You Are Trained

Now this may sound odd as surely the point of training is to train you so you know what to do once you are trained?

Well you would think so, but a lot of door supervisor training companies are only interested in one thing – ‘bums on seats’.

All they want is your money so they can fill a course. 

They don’t provide you with any written procedures – but we do.

When you train with us you will get a complete pack of written instructions that you can implement and follow.

2: Delays in Getting Your License Issued

Some companies do not have robust administration systems.

As such errors regularly occur, which create a delay in getting your license issued by the SIA (The Security Industry Authority).

This can cost you work and money.

So you pay for a course and you end up with months of not being able to get a return on your investment.

But not with us.

We have a robust quality assured administration process where every detail is checked and double-checked before it is sent off.

This ensures that your door supervisors license arrives quickly and without delay. 

3: Giving Incorrect and Legally Flawed Advice That Can Get You In Trouble

I was recently contacted by someone who told me that a trainer on a door supervisor course had told them that they “were not allowed to wear steel-toe-capped boots because they would be classed as offensive weapons”.

No, I’m not making it up and you can see a video about that here –

This an example of legally incorrect advice.

But here’s the rub.

If you are told something that is legally flawed and you don’t challenge that advice and simply take it on board because the trainer must know what they are talking about, it’s not the trainer who will be prosecuted if you act on that information and that results in a injury or death. It will be you.

Now some training providers know that (and many do not) so they don’t bother to check that the trainer actually knows what they are talking about.

But that’s where we are different.

All of the trainers we use are trained to a legally correct standard, refresh regularly and have access to legal experts if we need to ask anything.

That ensures that we can provide you with the right advice which is also legally correct.

That protects you!

4: Teaching Bad Practices That Could Get Your License Revoked

The SIA have a very strict policy on what you must and must not be taught and shown on a door supervisors license to practice award course.

If a training provider doesn’t stick to that it can result in your license being withdrawn.

One door supervisor training company recently had 1800 door supervisor licenses revoked for doing just that.

That resulted in 1800 people not being able to work on a door.

On top of that, all 1800 had to re-do their training with another training provider. 

Our trainers will ensure that you are taught everything you need to be taught and are not taught anything that would increase the risk to you of losing your license. 

5: Rude, Abusive and Arrogant Trainers

Yes, sadly, some companies only sub-contract trainers who work for them on an ‘as-required’ basis. 

This means that the quality and standard of the trainer you will get is based on luck more than design.

One trainer I know who worked for one training provider who operates on this basis witnessed a rude and arrogant trainer being rude to a class of trainee door supervisors who had paid for the privilege.

And this happens on a regular basis with that particular company.

But they don’t care who they use, which means they don’t care about you.

But we are different.

All of our trainers are directly employed by us.

This means we have consistency in the high standards expect and our trainers are regularly upskilled and supervised to ensure that you get the best training possible from people who care about you and who are not only properly qualified but who have the industry experience too.

6: Unable To Contact Someone From The Training Company Who Trained You

This is a big issue!

The true test of a good training company is the ability to take your call or get back to you quickly if you have any questions that you need an answer to or if you have a problem that you need resolving.

I have personally had door supervisors contact me (who we haven’t trained) who are literally at their wits end because they can’t get to speak to a person (because all phones go direct to an answerphone) so they leave a message (sometimes many messages) and no-one gets back to them.

Why? Simple really. They’ve had your money and delivered the training and now you are of no value to them.

This again is where we are different.

We value your business and we love training and many of the people we train come back for more and even refer their colleagues to us. 

We actually care about you. 

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