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Marks Mind F___ - Three Day NLP Masterclass

Mark’s Mind F*** – My Last NLP Masterclass

I’m going to be running my last NLP Masterclass which I’ve (tongue in cheek) called ‘Mark’s Mind F***’ on the 19th, 20th and 21st of November.

It will be held at the Lilleshall National Sports and Conferencing Centre, near Telford in Shropshire. TF10 9L

The cost of the three days, including all food, but without accommodation is £572.00 + vat.

Danielle Brown MBE 

This is a testimonial from Danielle Brown MBE, a Gold Medalist Paralympian, about how she found our NLP training.

Danielle will also be joining us on this event and will be running sessions to teach you what she used to overcome the mental blocks she had which led to her Gold Medal in London 2012.


This Course is Now Non-Residential only

Please contact us if you would like a non-residential place on this course at [email protected] or by phone on 02392 460815.


Testimonials From Others Who Have Attended Previous NLP Courses With Me

“Hi Mark

I attended the class last year with the intention to remove the mental blocks and limiting beliefs I had holding me back

I felt that I wasn’t successful and I was struggling to see how I could work for myself and support my family

Not only do I work for myself now, but have the confidence to deliver quality training and make a real difference in people’s lives and development

I had a real emotional journey, in a literal sense

I would recommend you attend this course if you are looking for a path to self-discovery and giving the motivation and direction to believe in your own capabilities.


Kev Cook
First aid and personal safety trainer”

“Having attended an NLP masterclass from the 1st-3rd of November 2016 with Mark Dawes, it is with pleasure that I write him a testimonial.

I had attended other courses with Mark covering NLP, self defence, physical intervention and when I saw that he was hosting a 3 day NLP course, I decided to attend.

All the pre course work was very worthwhile, especially the reading material. I purchased it in audio so that I could listen as I drove around the country working.

When my wife and I arrived we were met with the typical Mark Dawes smile and welcome, which puts you at ease straight away. After the usual informal introductions we sat down and Mark introduced us to Daniel Brown, World Champion, Double Paralympic Archer who was assisting Mark with the course.

She was a great motivator, as she had overcome adversity and disability to get to the pinnacle of her chosen sport, only to be denied a place in Rio by the Olympic Board saying that she wasn’t disabled enough.

Once Mark had set out what we were going to cover for the 3 days, we began an introduction session that nobody was expecting to turn out the way it did.

Everybody seemed to trust each other and we all revealed things about ourselves that most of us had not talked about before. This session took up the whole morning and also into the afternoon. We became a very close unit after that.

The rest of the course information was excellent and made you dig deep into your mind to find answers to questions that were asked about yourself. I found this hard as I had never had to do anything like this before, but it taught me things about myself that I still think about.

Other things that we covered included hypnotism, emotional hygiene, goal setting, and personal hard graft by digging deep.

One thing that will always stay with me from the course was how one of our close group has changed since the course. They were a shy quiet person on the first day, who by the end of the 3 days trusted us enough to tell us about their past. It left grown men not knowing what to say, and the women with tears in their eyes. I am glad to say that I can call all of the people on the course friends and have seen them going from strength to strength.

I thoroughly recommend this course to everyone.

Neal Bradford”

“I recently attended Marks NLP Masterclass and I cannot recommend this course highly enough.  If you attend, your experience will be nothing like anything you have ever experienced before, you will be challenged, you will be made to explore your inner feelings and beliefs and strongly encouraged to question your whole life’s raison d’etre.

The course will secure you in a much safer and determined life place, before you leave you will have definitely addressed any doubts about yourself or your ambitions and be a stronger decision maker.  

As a retired ex senior fire officer with little ambition to make lots of money (which this course enable you to believe and achieve if you wish) but rather to cement my life going forward and ensure I achieve my future ambitions, this hard hitting and unique course put me in a place where I know I can’t do the wrong thing, I am empowered and in control of me !!

This experience should not be missed if you are able to attend, don’t think about it, just do it.

Ron Webster
Ex Assistant Chief Fire Officer”

And Here’s Some Video Testimonials!

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