3 x Day Physical Intervention Trainer Course for Teachers

Level 3 Certification in Physical Restraint & Positive Handing of Children, and a BTEC Level 2 Award in Disengagement & Physical Intervention

Cost: £1200 + vat per day + travelling expenses and accomodation costs + BTEC level 2 certification costs. 

This course is designed for teachers who wish to become physical intervention trainers in the education sector and will enable trained teachers to deliver training within their own schools to other teaching and non-teaching staff at the discretion of the head-teacher.

Once qualified you will be able to deliver a 1 x Day NFPS Level 2 Course in The Use of Force to Control and Restrain Pupils (written to Awarding Body standards), a 1 x Day BTEC Level 2 Award Course is Breakaway & Self-Defence and/or 2 x day BTEC Level 2 Award Course in Disengagement & Physical Intervention.

The benefits of this are that you:

1. Will be delivering courses to an Awarding Body standard;

2. Have the option of qualifying your learners with BTEC Level 2 Awards, which demonstrates that;

3. The Learning & Assessment of your learners meets Educational Awarding Body standards which are Ofqual Regulated;

4. Will have access to online resources providing flexibility in the delivery of the theory and underpinning knowledge;

5. Be able to run the physical element of the courses in modular sessions;

6. Are not restricted to the numbers you are expected to teach so you can run courses dependent on need;

7. Will be provided with all of the materials required to deliver the course pre-written for you;

8. Will be provided with risk assessments, lesson planners, safety briefs and safe systems of work to follow to ensure that you run your courses safely and correctly;

9. Be given pre-written physical intervention / safe handling policies templates that you can use to implement a policy very quickly should you not already have one;

10. Be provided with a physical intervention system that meets the new proposed guidelines to be issued by the Department of Education with the option of adding additional training if the need arises.

All Trainers will also be certificated with an NFPS Ltd Level 3 Award in Physical Intervention and Positive Handling for Children Certificate as well as a BTEC Level 2 Award in Disengagement and Non-Restrictive Physical Intervention.

This Teacher Training Course covers all of the legal aspects with regard to using physical force to control pupils as well as all of the Health & Safety legislation with regard to the health, safety and welfare of staff and pupils whilst also acknowledging how the ‘Best Interest of the Child’ criteria should be adhered to in all interventions with children.3

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