Self-Defence Trainer Refreshers 2022

Self-Defence Instructor Refresher Courses 2022

Date: 2nd October 2022 - Cost Ā£225 + Vat

The Importance of Attending Refresher Training!

If you want to understand the importance of attending refresher training then watch the video below as it covers: Brain Plasticity and Reconsolidation, The Forgetting Curve, Health & Safety Legislation, Other Refresher Training Requirements and HSG48 (Reducing Error & Influencing Human Behaviour).Ā 

šŸ‘‰ Get My Six Week Lesson Plan šŸ‘

When I first started teaching self defence I ran self defence training for large corporate groups, primarily for female staff who were sales reps.

The courses were very well received and we were always booked up primarily because of the way the course was structured.

So on this refresher I’ll be giving away the six-week lesson plan that I used to teach these corporate courses, completely free of charge and as a bonus for attending.

This course be a key that opens up new opportunities for you.

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Date: 2nd October 2022 - Cost Ā£225 + Vat

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