BTEC Level 3 Self Defense Trainer Award Certification (Online)

This Option Goes Live Today 28th May 2021

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How You Can Gain a BTEC Level 3 Self-Defence Instructor Award Without Needing To Attend a Course!

Personal Letter From The Desk of Mark Dawes

“Dear Friend,

One of the main problems with regards to being a self-defense instructor is formal recognition of your many years of training and experience. 

All of the long hours that you have put in learning about what you teach, the number of courses, events and seminars you have attended and (if you add all of that up) the vast amount of money you have invested in doing so, can all amount to little or nothing if it doesn’t give you the recognition you deserve and, more importantly, lead to people wanting to be trained by you.

And I know, because I’ve been there!

When I first started I spent lots of money training with one organisation to get qualified (which in reality was nothing more than their own in-house certificate).

Then, when I wanted to get recognised by someone else I had to basically start all over again to become a trainer in their ‘system’ and this cycle continued every time I wanted to train with someone else or learn something new.

The result was I spent years and thousands of pounds because there was no process for validating any prior learning (and in many cases there still isn’t today).

The problem is not having any formal recognition in terms of a properly accredited qualification could be holding you back! It could be stopping you from gaining new contracts, sustaining your business and even preventing you from being able to scale your business. In short, you could be losing out on thousands of pounds or dollars in lost revenue!

That is, unless you choose this option.

By undertaking this course you will go through a structured process of learning and development that has proper internal and external verification that leads to a BTEC Level 3 Award Certificate in Self Defence Instruction, issued by Pearsons (possibly the world’s largest educational Awarding Organisation), which in turn is regulated by Ofqual. 

But enrolment onto this course is only applicable for you if you are an experienced trainer already. It is not a suitable course for someone just starting out who wants to learn to be a Self Defense Instructor, but don’t worry because if that is you we have another course that meets your needs. 

Therefore, this course is suitable for you if you are:

1: An experienced Self-Defense trainer who is currently running; or has been running, self-defence training courses and who want to attain a Nationally Recognised BTEC Level 3 Self-Defence Trainer Award Qualification as validation of your knowledge and experience.

2: An experienced martial arts instructor who is or has been delivering; or is looking to deliver, self-defense training courses and who wants to attain a Nationally Recognised BTEC Level 3 Self-Defence Trainer Award Qualification as validation of your knowledge and experience.

3: A former or current Police Officer Safety Trainer who has been running officer safety training and/or unarmed defensive tactics training.

4: A Control and Restraint/Physical Intervention/PMVA/Breakaway Instructor who wants to add a recognised BTEC Level 3 Self-Defence Trainer Award Qualification to your portfolio as good evidence of your ongoing CPD (Continual Professional Development).

If you meet any of the above criteria and you would like to book this course then you would be made most welcome.

Best Regards


Mark Dawes”

Why Am I Doing This?

A question I have been asked a lot about this online offer is “Why Am I Doing This?”

Well there are a couple of reasons.

One, is because I consistently get experienced trainers contact me and tell me that they have been teaching self-defence or self-protection for many years, so why do they need to come and do a trainer course with us? Which is a fair question because why should they if they are as experienced and competent as their cv and cpd record states?

Recognised Prior Learning

All Awarding Organisations that issue qualifications can do so on what is called an RPL (Recognised Prior Learning) basis. This means that we can take a person’s RPL and sector competence and, as long as they go through a structured process of learning and development in doing the online modules, issue them with a BTEC Level 3 Certificate in Self-Defence Instruction. 

The problem is some Awarding Organisation Centre’s just don’t like doing that.

People Are Very Busy

Also, many experienced and competent trainers are also very busy either running their full time business or running their part-time business alongside their main job, so taking time out to travel across the country to spend two days away from not only their business but also their family isn’t something that they want to do, and I totally get that. 

I’ve spent thirty years of my life travelling to deliver and attend training courses and as one taxi driver pointed out to me when he asked me how many miles I do each year: “That’s twice around the world mate!”

Disinterested Prospects Don’t Buy!

The main reason however is this. 

Many years ago when I started teaching self-defence I would go to meetings with prospective clients and when asked about my experience I would tell them that I had a couple of black belts in varying martial arts and that I served in the armed forces (because that was all I could tell them at the time about me that was relative to teaching self-defence) and I would see prospective clients immediately become disinterested. In one meeting a manager actually physically moved their chair further away from me.

The fact is, many organisations don’t see martial artists in a positive way. They think they are ‘crazy’ and that they will teach their staff ‘dangerous’ things, and sadly there are some ‘crazies’ out there who will do just that. 

1st Impressions Really Do Count

When you are invited to a meeting with an organisation’s management the first impression they have of you is important, because when that perception is set all they do then is look for more information to support their opinion and if that occurs then you are going to lose the business. 

All organisations are risk averse. They want to keep their staff safe, but they don’t want any liability associated with any training that is being offered to them so if their opinion of you is that you will create more of a risk then the problem you are offering to solve, you just become another problem for them that they don’t want.   

That is why so many excellent self-defence instructors don’t get into corporate training.

Setting Your Perception!

But when I was able to tell them that I held a BTEC Level 3 Award in Self-Defence Instruction their perception of me changed. Now I was someone who was ‘qualified’ and so I must know (in their eyes) what I am talking about and if I hold a qualification then I’m probably not going to be teaching their staff ‘crazy’ stuff. 

That one paradigm shift opened the door for me to gain some very lucrative corporate contracts. 

These Are Some of The Organisational Sectors I’ve Taught In

I taught self-defence and personal safety to staff for large corporate drug pharmaceutical companies whose staff were always at risk when making their visits to GP practices and hospitals (because a lone worker with a briefcase full of drug samples makes an attractive target.

I taught self-defence to the staff of very large corporate national delivery companies whose staff drive around with vans full of parcels and packages to deliver (and just think how the online delivery service has boomed in recent years). 

I taught self-defence to the members of the clergy. Yes, vicars and ministers need to be able to look after themselves too because they can get called out at all hours of the day and night and (in virtually every case) travel alone sometimes in some very high risk areas. 

I’ve taught probation officers, social workers, local authority staff, doctors, nurses, care assistants, teachers, ambulance drivers, corporate sales staff, and the list goes on. 

Now I’m sixty years young now and I have decided to slow down (although every time I tell people that they never believe me, but it’s true) and I have never believed in competition. 

I don’t see another qualified instructor as a competitor. 

I believe in cooperation. 

All other animal species cooperate more than they compete. It’s one of the amazing facts of nature.

So I want to help you get a qualification that will hopefully open up more opportunities for you so that you can become more successful teaching self defence. 

We Go Live On Friday – But Only For a Limited Period of Time

The option to enrol on this Online BTEC Level 3 Self-Defence Instructor Award Course will start on Friday, but enrolment will only be open for a limited period of time, so if you are interested, enter your details in the optin box above to ensure that you get prior launch notification so that you don’t miss out!

That way, as soon as we open the course for enrollment you’ll be the first to know.’

Check Out The Course Materials & Bonuses In The Video Below!

What Does The Course Involve?

The BTEC Level 3 Self Defence Instructor Award Course is a 30-hour course comprising three BTEC Level 3 Units.

These Units are:

Unit 1: Legal and Practical Contexts of Self Defence Instruction

Unit 2: Stress and the Science and Psychology of Training

Unit 3: Physical Skill Instruction

This three Units above are broken down into the following Modules to make it easy for you to complete the course:

Module 1: Understanding the Law in relation to Self-Defence and Self Defence Instruction

This is possibly the most important Module because it contains valuable information about what ‘Reasonable Force’ means based on case law precedents. 

This will enable you to speak with authority on the subject putting you at a clear advantage over your competitors.

Module 2: Understand the Health and Safety Legislation

Recently it was found that 87% of companies who were prosecuted for a health and safety breach had been charged with failing to adequately assess the risk.

This is why this module is VERY IMPORTANT! Imagine all of the money you have invested in yourself going up in smoke because someone sues you for negligence and you have no defence either because you don’t have a risk assessment or because your risk assessment was done to an inadequate standard.

This is why we will teach you how to assess the training environment to reduce the risks associated with self defence training, including: how to identify the personal factors that could increase the risk of slips, trips and falls, how to control learner’s behaviour so as not to increase the risk of injury through unnecessary horseplay etc. 

Module 3: Understanding of the Primitive Stress Response

In this Module we will go through the effect of the primitive fight and flight response and associated fear response mechanisms on physical, emotional and behavioural state, and an understanding of what physical changes take place when the primitive flight and fight response is triggered.

Module 4: Understanding the Science and Psychology of Personal Combat

Here we will delve into the interesting area of skill definition and the relationship between arousal, stress and performance and the relationship between heart rate and performance. 

Module 5: Understanding How People Learn and Instructional Technique

Being able to do self defense and being able to teach self defense in a way that your learners can fully understand it are two completely different things.

Poor quality instruction is bad for a trainers reputation and business so in this Module we will show you how you can deliver good quality instruction in line with a simple and effective instructional technique model that involves; understanding how individuals learn through different learning preferences  and how to instruct learners effectively and efficiently in line with the EDIP model of instruction.  

Module 6: Demonstrate Physical Skills Techniques

This is where the theory is put into practice, where the ‘rubber meets the road’ if you like!

Here all of the underpinning theory in the previous Modules in applied in a holistic way.

In this Module we are looking for you to validate and/or design and develop physical self-defence / unarmed tactics that are quick and easy to learn for people with average mental capacity and who will be expected to use them in situations of high emotional distress and personal threat and consistent within the concept of ‘Reasonable Force’.

Module 7: How To Promote and Market Your Services

A fact of business is that someone who has an inferior product, but who is better at marketing will win over someone who has a superior product but who is no good at marketing and we don’t want that to be you.

This Module will help you in marketing and promoting your courses so that you can get a return on your investment in this course and generate more profit so that you can serve more people.

This is a bonus module that will provide you with marketing tips to help you promote and market your services.

Inclusive – Not Exclusive or Prescriptive

The course has been designed as an ‘inclusive’ course and not an ‘exclusive’ or ‘prescriptive’ course, and what we mean by that is that we do not prescribe any techniques, so you are free to use your own techniques within whatever system you use, or you can adopt some of the ones you will be shown on the course if you wish to.

What Is The Process?

When you book your place on the course the following will happen immediately:

1: You will automatically receive an email receipt for your payment and another email welcoming you to the course with a link in it so that you can download joining instructions that include everything you need to know to arrive fully prepared for the course.

2: You will also receive another email with login details to the NFPS Online University where you can download the workbook for the course and complete it using the online video resources prepared for you. 

How Long Does The Take To Complete This Course?

The course takes approximately ten to twenty hours to complete but we are always on hand for you if you need any help and support with it.

Once you complete the workbook you email it to us and we’ll get it marked for you and if you need to re-answer any questions we will give you the necessary feedback and support to help you answer it correctly.

Physical Skills Assessment

There are no physical skills to learn.

We will provide some guidance and instruction for you on certain techniques that we teach and why, but we are not prescriptive in what MUST be taught.

This qualification is an inclusive one, which means that if you have a system that works for you all you need to do is evidence what skills you would use that you would teach to someone to defend themselves in certain situations against a range of possible assaults. 

That means that you don’t have to go through a whole new process of learning a whole new set of techniques, that you possibly may never use, just to get a certificate! All we require from you is evidence in the form of a short submitted video, of the skills you would teach so that we have the evidence to present to the Awarding Organisation to get you your BTEC Level 3 Award in Self Defence Instruction.

How Long Do I Have To Complete The Course?

As the course is all online you can take as long as you like, but I would recommend starting it as soon as possible so that you can get it finished because why invest in a course that you won’t finish!

Why Become a Self Defence Trainer?

There are many reasons why people (just like you) want to become Self Defence Trainers, and here are a few of the main reasons. In short they all:

Really enjoy teaching and training others;

Are committed to keeping other people and their community safe;

Genuinely love helping others and get a great amount of satisfaction from seeing others achieve;

Love seeing someone grow in self-confidence and self-esteem;

Would like to run a part-time business and some even end up leaving their job to follow their dream.

And if some, or all, of the above points, touch a chord with you then, you are possibly the right person to become a properly qualified Self Defence Trainer.

Why Train With Us? 

Our BTEC Level 3 Self Defence Trainer Award Course is one of the only courses properly accredited as a National Vocational Qualification.

The BTEC Level 3 Self Defence Trainer Award qualification is accredited by Pearsons, who are the world’s largest Awarding Organisation.

Post Course Support and Help

As a Self Defence Trainer you will also get lots of post-course help and support.

When I started my journey as a Self Defence Trainer I found that once I attended a training course and got my certificate I was basically on my own with no help and no support.

And it is after the course when people need help the most, and we’ll be there for you.

NFPS Ltd put the learner at the centre of everything we do, and our focus is on you with the prime aim of helping you achieve the Award.

You Can’t Be Sacked For Defending Yourself At Work [Video]

A UK citizens right to defend themselves and/or others at work is a legal right that cannot be taken away by a condition of contract or compromised in the workplace.
In one unfair dismissal case against his employer a claimant in won £42,000 after an employment tribunal ruled that he had acted reasonably to defend himself and others as the video opposite explains.

Teaching Women Self-Defence Is Still The Best Way To Reduce Sexual Assaults

A landmark research study has proven that teaching women self-defence tactics reduces the risk of sexual assault.

The landmark Canadian research study, found that training which focuses on teaching women how to detect risk in situations that could lead to sexual assault and defend themselves when necessary, reduced the rate of rape among participants by nearly 50 per cent.

To read more click here

Your Investment = £1,375 + Vat

Check Out These Phenomenal Bonuses...

Bonus 1: Free Access to Professor of Law Gary Slappers Talks on The Law in Relation to Self-Defence, which include: An Honestly Held Belief and Proportionality, The Pre-Emptive Strike, Is There A Duty in Law to Leave/Retreat, Lethal Force in Self-Defence, Using a Weapon in Self Defence, The Myth that is Minimum Force (Value £297 + Vat)

Bonus 2: Free Lesson Plans and Powerpoint Presentations plus my six-week lesson plan that I used to deliver self-defence training to large corporate company staff. This will enable you to  leave and start delivering self-defence courses the minute you finish this course (Value £297 + Vat)

Bonus 3: Free Access to Ginge Johnson’s Online Principles of Self-Defence Course. Ginge, a former member of the UK’s Special Air Service Regiment and one of the most respected close protection operatives around teaches you what he has taught to those who operate in virtually every hostile environment on earth (Value £297 + Vat)

Bonus 4: Free Access to Ginge Johnson’s  Vulnerable Parts of The Body Online Course. Again, Ginge has taught this course to operatives all over the world. It gives simple yet effective instruction in where and how to strike to achieve maximum effect (Value £297 + Vat)

Bonus 5: Deliver a BTEC Level 2 Award in Self-Defence Instruction: One of the problems most trainers have is not being able to have a unique selling point to their business that sets them apart from their competition. This is why on successful completion of this course we will license you to deliver a BTEC Level 2 Award in Breakaway and Self-Defence, which is the only Awarding Organisation Level 2 qualification designed for people who wish to undertake self-defense and breakaway training.


If you enrol on this course and decide by the end of day one, for whatever reason, that the course hasn’t met your expectations, or that it just isn’t for you, I will personally give you a 100% refund – no questions asked. So, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Need More Information? Why Not Arrange a Telephone Call To Discuss Your Needs?

If you would like to speak to me directly so that we can discuss your needs and ensure that this training course is the right course for you. then simply drop me an email at [email protected] so that we can arrange a mutually convenient time to have that chat.

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