BEACON Training - Course Overview

The aim of the course is to give our social care staff and primary care givers (parents, foster parents) the understanding, skills and knowledge to positively parent our looked after children and young people.

This training will enable you to:

  1. Provide children with a safe and secure environment,
  2. Positively impact their self esteem and self worth,
  3. Help them grow and develop into well adjusted adults, 
  4. Form lasting relationships and 
  5. Have the ability to problem solve so that they can live a full, fulfilling and enriched life.



Without a beginning we cannot see or even reach the end.

Therefore, this model involves:

  • Self-reflection of our own beginnings – family, environment, education, peers.
  • Child psychology—how the brain develops, growth vs development, forming attachments, effects of privation & deprivation, bereavement, grief & divorce
  • Impacts on development.



This modules focuses on the experiences of the child, including:

  • Family, home environment, peer pressure
  • Witnessed and learned behaviours
  • Outward and inward behaviours
  • Self reflection of our own experiences and our behaviours
  • Impacts on self esteem & worth, choices & consequences


Acknowledge & Accept

This session focusses on how caregivers/parents acknowledge & accept the experiences of the looked after child, but also on how to let the child express their emotions so that THEY can acknowledge & accept their experiences. It covers:

  • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
  • Nurturing a safe, secure environment
  • Working with the child to acknowledge & accept experiences
  • How our own beliefs, experiences & behaviour influence children


Communication – Language, Approach & Reflection

It is this module that really embeds the learning and changes knowledge into action. Content includes:

  • Opening lines of communication and the different avenues to use
  • Language—barriers and positive language
  • The difference between empathy, compassion & understanding and when and how to use them
  • Negative impacts to communication
  • Approachable, positive behaviours



Being open to discussion, challenge and change is part and parcel of life—both as an adult & child. This module focuses on:

  • The impact of our behaviours’ on children & young people
  • Promoting open positive, behaviours and how to express them
  • Demonstrating positive behaviours and setting expectations/boundaries for the child
  • Discussing how our behaviour affects ourselves and others with the child



This module focuses on how we nurture growth, development and learning for our children, which includes:

  • Age in years versus age in experience and cognitive ability
  • Introducing play, reading, and new experiences to nurture development
  • Setting achievable goals/milestones and praising achievements
    Setting boundaries
  • Assessing choices to make a decision
  • Problem solving, action & consequences

You will also learn how to document yours and the child’s journey throughout their time in care identifying the work that has been and is being done with the child, outcomes (both positive and negative), achievements, social interaction, discussions and agreements so that everything is available for either when the child moves on or the governing body inspects.

BUT most importantly this is a reflection tool for you as the the care giver/parent and the child so that the CHILD can see just how far they have come.

Course Tutor: James Morris

James is considered one of the UK’s leading experts with 30 years of experience in the child care field.

He has worked across a variety of specialised education and residential care settings with some of the UK’s most challenging young people and adults – both in secure units and Tier 1 services for people with disabilities and mental health issues.

James combines hands-on experience having worked at the cutting edge of health and social care with a proven academic background so you are in safe and experienced hands.

James has been training nationally for over 16 years and is a leading consultant for numerous Health and Social care industry organisations.

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