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Current Owners & Directors of NFPS Ltd

Robert (Rab) Landells & Trevel Henry 
Directors, NFPS Limited

Robert (Rab) Landells
Director, NFPS Limited

Rab is a dynamic and versatile graduate chemist, businessman, gym owner, security company director and Close Protection Operative (CPO) with over twenty-four years’ experience in the security industry; predominantly in high-pressure appointments within the celebrity, A-list actors, VIP, UHNW and EP domains.

Rab has studied martial arts and combative systems for over 35 years; now regularly teaching Law concerning UoF, Conflict Management and CQC to those choosing a career in Close Protection. Rab is all things NFPS and SIA, teaching on all NFPS courses; utilising front-line experiences from many different theatres.

Owner of both Physique Bodyshop and Gracemount Gym. Here he has established a synergy between his specialist interest areas of endocrinology (human hormone chemistry), ergogenics (performance enhancement) and performance nutrition with training methods for strength, fitness, CQC and contact sports. Also known for training the odd Hollywood actor!

In summary, Rab specialises in how to optimise human performance when placed under potentially life-threatening conditions, so that you have maximum opportunity to save your life (and that of others); hence the 2-12 seconds module and necessity for Guthrie & Hicks principles.

Actively involved with education projects, including harm reduction when using ergogenics and image enhancing (IPEDs) compounds. This experience was useful when devising restraint techniques with Palkesh for use in Safety Pods; where there was a need for injection.

Rab possesses many security related accolades, which compliment his experiences in the different security sectors; resulting in him being involved in consultancy roles for many prominent clients, organisations and agencies.

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Trevel Henry
Director, NFPS Limited

Since 1994, Trevel has been a training consultant in the prevention and management of abusive, disruptive, aggressive and violent behaviour. 

As an expert witness, Trevel provides advice and support on the use of force and physical intervention including the use of personal protective equipment.

He has worked on numerous case incidents within the police and prison services, Security Industry Authority, Home Office, Young Offenders Secure Institutions, Independent Police Complaints Commission, health services and social care.

During his time with Kent Police, he was a member of the Police National Practitioners Group for Personal Safety Training where he gained significant expertise in legislation, policies, risk management and assessment, training design, post incident management and welfare review of work-related aggressive and violent incidents.

As a member of the Security Industry Authority (SIA) expert group, he reviews qualifications for the management of work-related violence and aggression. He also provides guidance to NHS Trusts on policies, procedures and working practices.

He consults and trains across all work sectors on reducing the need for restraint and restrictive interventions.

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Legal: Trevel has worked on high profile restraint related death cases, as well as cases of abuse allegation and compliance failures within care settings.

Training: He has delivered training, presentations and talks to operational and support staff across the UK, Europe, South Africa, Canada, USA and the Caribbean.

Report: He was co-author of the report ‘Occurrence of Injury During Officer Safety Training at Kent Police’ in 2009.

Media: He has appeared as an expert spokesperson across TV and radio on reasonable force and the physiological and psychological effects of fear and stress.

Former Owners & Founders of NFPS Ltd

Mark Dawes
Director and National Coach Tutor – NFPS Limited – December 1998 – December 2022

Mark Dawes was a Director and National Coach Tutor of NFPS Limited.

Mark worked as a hostage negotiator and was a competent physical skills instructor with over thirty years of experience to fall back on. In addition, he was a member of the Expert Witness Institute, a certified competent Risk-Assessor, a registered and qualified Stress Consultant (Registered in 1994), a Licensed Cognitive Hypnotherapist, a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the founder of Quantum Thinking.

During his career he undertook audits, risk assessments, training needs analysis’ and post-incident reports for his clients in relation to staff safety and the use of physical force.

In addition, Mark has written reports for court cases ranging from negligence to Manslaughter and has provided evidence for a House of Lords and House of Commons Joint Committee on Human Rights in relation to the use of physical intervention.

He has delivered training to other diverse public and private sectors including NHS Hospital Trusts, Health Care Authorities, Social Services Departments, Charities, Colleges, Transport Companies, Courts, Security Companies, etc., and has also been involved with various Crime Prevention Initiatives.

He is also the author of a number of books including: ‘What is Physical Intervention?’, ‘Understanding Reasonable Force’, ‘Understanding Unreasonable Force’, ‘Understanding Quantum Thinking’, ‘Live This Life’ and ‘Managing the Monkey’.

Deborah Dawes
Director – NFPS Limited – December 1998 – December 2022

Deborah Dawes was a Director of NFPS Limited since its inception in December 1998 up until Rab and Trevel took over at the end of December 2022.

Deborah previously worked as a Senior Branch Manager for a leading Building Society before leaving to set up NFPS Ltd with Mark. Whilst Branch Manager she was responsible for leading and developing the potential within her team which went on to become one of the most successful and efficient branches in the UK.

Deborah co-ordinated all of the ‘behind the scenes’ business of NFPS Limited. Her role encompassed event organisation and management, accounting and finances, including course bookings, arranging delegate accommodation and suitable venues, organising conference bookings and overseeing all statistical data. Her role provided an integral structure to the business so that it runs on time and on schedule.

Deborah’s commitment to customer service ensured that all of our clients receive the highest quality of service possible.

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