Mission Statement

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Our primary aim and definitive purpose is to promote personal and professional integrity through a legal, ethical, moral and utilitarian approach to our training development and service delivery.

Our defined purpose in everything we do is geared towards keeping people, families, organisations and society safe. Safe from injury, harm, death and criminal and civil prosecution.

By keeping people and businesses safe we can help prevent unnecessary pain, injury and suffering and prevent people and businesses being prosecuted and sued. This saves time and money. In doing so we keep companies in business and people in employment and families free from unnecessary grief.

To do this we believe that it is important to always do the right thing because it is the right thing to do, and to this end we believe that to do that we must always strive to promote our services with honesty and integrity above all else. The benefit to you is that you will always be told the truth aimed at improving your professional ability so you can be sure that what we deliver has been fully researched and supported by evidence. To this end we would be willing to stand up in Court to defend you or our training if asked to do so.

We will always go that extra mile in the pursuit of excellence to achieve the best results possible. We do not believe in adopting minimum standards but in maximising the potential that exists in each and every individual. By being the best you become a professional and we will help you be the best you can be, so that you too can deliver training with passion and a commitment to excellence.

We believe that there is no failure – only feedback and that every outcome has a positive intention, and with that mantra we will constantly train and educate ourselves to improve our standards and capabilities, learning from the past but with a vision to the future with our sole focus being on delivering a better quality of service to you consistent with our primary purpose. This means that you will benefit from working with an organisation that does not stand still and whose interests are based on you, not ourselves.

Knowledge dispels fear. We believe in educating those we train so that they are better placed to deal with the situations and circumstances that they encounter with improved knowledge and competence.

Knowledge flows from the one that knows. Better knowledge and improved competence increases confidence and professional ability which supports our primary purpose of keeping people safe. By using this principle we can help you succeed by proving and supporting what we teach and without having to enforce our authority on you. This makes our training safe and enjoyable (as opposed to the oppressive and fearful regimes offered by some).

We know that our success lies in helping others succeed and that there is a solution to every problem. Behind every behaviour is a positive intention and a belief. Therefore, by identifying the positive intention/s or beliefs behind certain behaviours (organisational and personal) we can help you move forward in a safe, cohesive and effective manner. The benefit to you is that you are free to make mistakes without fear of ridicule. We see errors and mistakes as a natural part of learning and development. Without accept that without mistakes there can be no progression.

We are driven by a passion and a desire to make a positive difference in peoples lives. We do not just train people, we aim to effect them. We aim to effect them in a way that will enable them to grow in a more professional and competent way that allows them to become experts in their professional field. To this end we are committed to supporting those we train for as long as they need us and long after the training has finished.

The benefit to you in deciding to train with us is that you will benefit from a unique passion and a desire, underpinned and supported by a clear vision of purpose and one which is supported by empirical research and development, and all aimed at keeping you and your clients safe.

Mark Dawes

Director, NFPS Ltd.

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