Rab Landells


Rab is a dynamic and versatile graduate chemist, businessman, gym owner, security company director and Close Protection Operative (CPO) with over twenty-four years’ experience in the security industry; predominantly in high-pressure appointments within the celebrity, A-list actors, VIP, UHNW and EP domains.

Rab has studied martial arts and combative systems for over 35 years; now regularly teaching Law concerning UoF, Conflict Management and CQC to those choosing a career in Close Protection. Rab is all things NFPS and SIA, teaching on all NFPS courses; utilising front-line experiences from many different theatres.

Owner of both Physique Bodyshop and Gracemount Gym. Here he has established a synergy between his specialist interest areas of endocrinology (human hormone chemistry), ergogenics (performance enhancement) and performance nutrition with training methods for strength, fitness, CQC and contact sports. Also known for training the odd Hollywood actor! In summary, Rab specialises in how to optimise human performance when placed under potentially life-threatening conditions, so that you have maximum opportunity to save your life (and that of others); hence the 2-12 seconds module and necessity for Guthrie & Hicks principles.

Actively involved with education projects, including harm reduction when using ergogenics and image enhancing (IPEDs) compounds. This experience was useful when devising restraint techniques with Palkesh for use in Safety Pods; where there was a need for injection.

Rab possesses many security related accolades, which compliment his experiences in the different security sectors; resulting in him being involved in consultancy roles for many prominent clients, organisations and agencies.U

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