The Importance of Risk Assessments

An Interview With Colan Ash BSc, MSc, CMIOSH, RSP, CChem, MRSC – On The Importance of Risk Assessments

About Colan

Colan is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (CMIOSH), a Registered Safety Practitioner (RSP), a Chartered Chemist (CChem), a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry (MRSC), and has been a Health and Safety professional for over 25 years with a broad depth of knowledge experience.

In recent years he has specialised in the safety management of violence at work and has worked as a Health & Safety Director in the Criminal Justice Sector having previously worked in the NHS. He is currently the Head of Risk, Health and Safety for a large Secure Hospital Trust.

During his time in the NHS and Criminal Justice Sector Colan has developed proven strategies in a variety of workplace settings that have led to a demonstrable reduction in incidents of violence and abuse to the staff he is responsible for.

In relation to the use of physical force, Colan was possibly the first Health & Safety professional to challenge the status of what ‘Home Office Approved’ meant when developing a use of force training programme for hospital security and nursing staff for a large London Hospital Trust.

In doing so he paved the way for training to be designed and delivered that was more ‘fit for purpose’ than simply buying in ‘off the shelf packages’ on the basis that they were allegedly ‘approved’ by someone.

In addition, Colan has been instrumental in developing bespoke risk analysis tool-kits for assessing the suitability of physical skills techniques and challenging the necessity of certain techniques when they are not needed based on good risk-assessment and analysis protocols.

As a result of this Colan’s approach saved his Trust thousands of pounds by being able to justify and defend what was being taught and why.

This video will be of specific interest to you, as in it Colan will show how you risk assessment can help to improve the competitiveness and marketability of your training programmes and services. 

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