Barry Winbolt MSc

Barry Winbolt MSc is a Workplace Conflict Consultant, Mediator and writer.

Barry has over 25 years experience in providing Solution Focused training and advice in working relationships, communication skills and personal development.

Until 2011, Barry was the Chair of Conflict Resolution at the Institute of Family Therapy in London, and Programme Coordinator for both the Graduate Certificate and the MSc in Conflict Resolution and Mediation Studies at Birkbeck College, University of London.

His highly engaging workshops are designed to be relevant to attendees and to deliver practical skills and techniques that can be applied immediately. His presentations are enlivened by his humour, illustrative anecdotes, and infectious enthusiasm for his subject.

Barry is a great speaker who ‘edutains’ whoever he speaks to (edutains = educates whilst entertaining). I have known Barry nearly all of my professional career, and his work has been a major influence in shaping my approach to dealing with difficult people.

He is the author of three books and innumerable articles and guides, and his ‘Difficult People’ book is now available as an Amazon Kindle.

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