BTEC Level 2 Disengagement and Physical Intervention Skills


Qualification: BTEC Level 2


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All of our Level 2 courses are offered as in-house courses only or as an open course through one of our NFPS Approved License Centres. If you are interested in this course as an in-house option or if you would like to be contacted regarding possible dates of open courses that may be running please complete the form below.

The Main Aims of the Course

This qualification is designed to provide training for people in skills that range from the non-restrictive (for low-level challenging behaviour) to the more restrictive (for higher-level challenging, aggressive or violent behaviour) physical intervention and disengagement skills in the workplace to deal with vulnerable young people or vulnerable adults or whose staff perform security functions.

Alternative PI Training for Door Supervisors – SIA Exemption

In addition, Pearson (formerly Edexcel) have announced that the Security Industry Authority (SIA) has confirmed that learners who have achieved the BTEC Level 2 Award in Disengagement and Physical Intervention Skills are exempt from having to undertake the Physical Intervention Skills Module 4 Unit of the Level 2 Award in Door Supervision and the Level 2 Award in Upskilling for Door Supervisors.

The main benefit here for learners is that this qualification not only covers ‘Non-Restrictive Methods of Disengagement and Physical Intervention’, it also covers more ‘Restrictive Methods of Physical Intervention’.

Therefore, undertaking this Award should eliminate the need for any additional ‘top-up’ training to bridge the gap between the Module 4 PI Unit of the DS Course, the scope of which only provides for instruction in ‘Non-Aggressive Defence’ and ‘Non-Restrictive Physical Intervention’.

If you are applying for your Door Supervisors licence for the first time, then the qualification must have been achieved less than three years prior to the application.

If you are applying for a licence renewal applications, the qualification will be accepted even if it is over three years old, unless there has been a gap greater than three years between holding your initial licences (a gap may be due to expiry or revocation of the previous licence).

Course Duration

3 Days (30 Hours) of which 10 Hours can be delivered by Guided / Distance Learning and 20 Hours by Direct Contact Time.

Course Objectives

The BTEC Level 2 Award comprises four Units comprising of 2 x Core Units and 2 x Specialist Units. To successfully pass the course a learner must pass the 2 x Core Units and 1 of the Specialist Units.

They are as follows:

Specialist Units

Unit 1: Law and Risks of Physical Intervention When Working with Children and Vulnerable Adults (10 Hours);


Unit 2: Law and Risks of Physical Intervention for People Performing Security Functions (10 Hours)

Core Unit

Unit 3: Non-restrictive Methods of Disengagement and Physical Intervention (10 Hours)


Unit 4: Restrictive Methods of Physical Intervention (10 Hours)

Pre-Registration Requirements

Candidates who register for the BTEC Level 2 Award in Disengagement and Physical Intervention Skills must have:

The physical capability to be able to undertake physical skills training, and
The personal ability to undertake classroom training and sit written exam papers

Course Delivery

The course can be delivered either as a continuous 3-day course or spread over three one-day events.

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This course is normally delivered under License by our Licensed Centres of which you can see a list of by going to our Licensed Centres page


All staff and managers working with Children and Vulnerable Adults and / or Performing Security Functions.

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