NFPS Level 2 Course in The Use of Force to Control and Restrain Pupils


Qualification: BTEC Level 2


Up to 10 people – £1440.00 (£1200.00 + £240.00 vat)
Up to 20 people – £2160.00 (£1800.00 + £360.00 vat)


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All of our Level 2 courses are offered as in-house courses only or as an open course through one of our NFPS Approved License Centres. If you are interested in this course as an in-house option or if you would like to be contacted regarding possible dates of open courses that may be running please complete the form below.

The Main Aims of the Course

The aim of this course is to provide guidance and instruction for school staff in the underpinning legal knowledge and physical skills necessary to enable them to be able to control and restrain pupils in line with current UK Law and Guidance, and below is a video that covers some of the legal implications which may be of help to you.

Course Duration

1 Day

Course Objectives

The course will cover the following areas related to restraint in education settings:

  • The relevant sections of the Education Act 2011
  • The Common & Criminal Law and in relation to the use of physical force for the purpose of controlling and restraining pupils.
  • The relevant sections of the Education and Inspections Act 2006 in relation to the use of force to control and restrain children.
  • The Department of Education Guidance for Schools in England issued in 2011.
  • The relevant sections of the Children Act 1989, the Human Rights Act 1998 and the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the child in relation to the use of physical force.
  • How to minimise the risk of death by positional asphyxia and the risk of injury to staff and children in line with current statute and guidance.
  • The Health and Safety requirements of using force in the workplace.
  • What techniques should not be used, consistent with Coroners recommendations and various reports, guidance and statistical evidence into the use of children.
  • How to apply the appropriate and effective physical skills competently for the purpose of controlling and restraining violent children.

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This course is normally delivered under License by our Licensed Centres of which you can see a list of by going to our Licensed Centres page


All teaching and education staff, including inspectorate staff.

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