On our September Restraint Trainer Refresher (just gone) we invited a person called Nicola Locery to come along and do a session on restraint reduction using her ABC model.

I invited Nicola along to talk to everyone because she has been having huge success with the model she has created and the feedback from everyone on the September refresher was very good indeed.
Although Nicola primarily focuses on schools and hospitals her model is transient across any industry sector and many people from the security and cp sector found her session invaluable.

Nicola’s Results and Feedback

Nicola has had some excellent feedback on what she delivers and here are a few testimonials that she has agreed to share with us all:

“It reduced restraints from 76 in a 10 month period to 7, increased attendance to 86.5% in a school for LAC where previous attendance of individual students was often less than 10% and totally eliminated the need for exclusion” Shazia Sawaar Azim, Headteacher Meadows School.

“What you have brought to the table at Eden has reduced the total of physical interventions by 86.7% and increased the overall attendance from 65% to 87.9% whole school.” Chris Ford, Behaviour Lead, Eden School.

“We were able to reduce the number of bedwatch officers on the ward from 8 to 1 within 3 months of introducing the training in the behaviour management system. Ward staff were much more confident and able to manage the challenging behaviours presented to them by patients.” Tommy Higgins ASMS Security and Car Parking Manager Manchester Foundation Trust.

Would You Like To Watch Her Free Video?

Because I am so impressed with what Nicola delivered for us I have decided to make the video I did of her session available to you as I am sure you can benefit from what she delivered.

Therefore, if you would like to view the video of Nicola’s session, you can do so by going to this optin page –