Are Rigid Cuffs Offensive Weapons [Video]

Are Rigid Cuffs Offensive Weapons?

I was recently asked to comment on an email thread whereby a former retired police officer had stated that rigid cuffs are offensive weapons and can only be carried in a public place by “Sworn Officers of the Crown”.

In this video is my response to that email but what’s interesting is I actually had a conversation with the Health & Safety Executive and Scotland Yard about this exact same thing way back in 1999, so you will see those responses in this video too.

The problem with incorrect information, even if it is well-meaning, is that if that incorrect statement led to someone being seriously injured or killed as a result of something they said, which would not have occurred had the advice or instruction (possibly followed under duress) not been given, if that person or their family sued the person who gave that incorrect advice, the person’s professional indemnity insurance would be ‘null and void’, which means that the insurance cover (that we have to protect ourselves for the information, instruction, advice and guidance given) wouldn’t cover them for any action against them because they gave legally incorrect advice that led to an injury or death.

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Mark Dawes