It is against health and safety to put a coat over a handcuffed persons arms

“It is against health and safety to put a coat over a handcuffed persons arms.”

That is the crux of an email just sent to me based on what someone was told by a trainer.

They mentioned how an organisation respected a handcuffed patients dignity whilst reducing the risk of anger, aggression and violence thus reducing the need for a restrictive physical intervention.

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Do You Have a License To Carry Handcuffs

Do You Have a License To Carry Handcuffs? – My Daily Podcast in 5 Minutes or Less!  Recently a security officer, who at the time was working for a local authority on a subcontracted basis, intervened in an incident and possibly saved a man’s life by restraining him and using handcuffs to control him. The police were called and … Read more

Are Rigid Cuffs Offensive Weapons [Video]

Are Rigid Cuffs Offensive Weapons?

I was recently asked to comment on an email thread whereby a former retired police officer had stated that rigid cuffs are offensive weapons and can only be carried in a public place by “Sworn Officers of the Crown”.

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A Lawyer’s Opinion On Handcuffs [Video]

Eric Baskind, a highly qualified and competent lawyer of many years standing, has confirmed that any person in the UK can carry and use handcuffs and provided their application was ‘reasonable in the circumstances’ they would be viewed as a ‘use of force’ option, no different than physically restraining someone by manual effort.

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How Restraint Equipment Can Reduce Risk [Video]

We all know that one factor in the risk of someone dying from positional asphyxia is restraint going on for an extended period of time.

This video is based on a discussion I have had with someone who is very concerned about a particular service user and also their colleagues who are possibly at risk of serious injury and possibly worse.

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