How The NFPS Restraint Trainers Course Changed My Life

How The NFPS Restraint Trainers Course Changed My Life

This is a testimonial that I received by email yesterday.

It’s from a person called Danielle who has trained with us recently.

It was lovely to receive such a thoughtful testimonial because it highlights why we are so different to so many other training providers out there.

In short we care.

We care about the people we train.

We care about their development.

We believe that everyone can achieve great things.

So we teach you about the immense power that you have within you.

We teach you about the power of your mind (Quantum Thinking) and how you can unleash that power.

This is what we taught Danielle and below is how it has transformed her life.

So, if you are looking for an average training course, we’re not for you.

But if you are looking for an exceptional training course that will transform your life, we are who you should be training with.

You can find out more about our BTEC Level 3 Restraint Instructor Award Course here –

But for now, read what Danielle has sent us below.

“Just a short little bit of background on how I ended up on the restraint instructor programme.

Up until I was 21, I was an international Dressage & showing rider winning a gold medal for GB & over 30 national titles.

I retired from the horses in 1994 at the age of 21 to persue a career as an international fighter & televised cage fighting referee.

Alongside that I worked the doors, CP and ran a successful security operational & training company.

In 2014, I became ill with ME (chronic fatigue) and in 2016 along came fibromyalgia and I had to quit everything completely.

In December 2016, I had a Lidocaine infusion for pain relief and my body reacted so severely I was in ICU with a resting heart rate of 200.

Much of this was brought on from trauma as well as effects of medication from childhood epilepsy that thankfully I grew out of.

My self esteem, confidence and everything I had lived for plummeted. I was a single mum who had no choice but to rely solely on benefits as I didn’t know what my health would throw next.

My body was that sensitive to stress that I had to have a hysterectomy to get rid of my ovaries as my adrenal glands over-produce estrogen and my whole body was overwhelmed with it.

This then caused stress induced anaphylaxis which then in turn caused hemiplegic migraines & a TIA (mini stroke).

I couldn’t face not working ever again, so in 2019 my amazing trainer Morris Young from Rough N Ready gym & Adrian Valman – Global kapap started rehabilitation work to try and get me to a point I could do something.

In Oct 2019, my confidence grew enough to gain my Global Kapap level 1 instructors licence. Morris worked so hard with me for this.

I then had the will to set up a new company and I totally by chance came into contact with Trevel Henry who is the most amazing person who is my friend & mentor, then I came across Mark and NFPS and my life has changed and progressed in ways I never thought was possible.

I wanted/ needed something that was to do with control & restraint due to all my years as an SIA trainer, but I needed ZERO stress.

I was nervous but I decided to do all 3 of Mark’s BTEC’s. Mechanical Restraints, Self Defence & Restraint Trainer Award.

It soon became apparent that NfPS is a family and that Mark & Deberah are extremely holistic and help you with your whole life, by guiding you and showing you by their own way of being that work should be a fun, fulfilling & rewarding part of your life.

The extras you get such as the Quantum Thinking and NLP positively impact on your whole life.

Sept 2021 I did the 5 day BTEC restraint trainers course. It was amazing from start to finish. 

The help, kindness, professionalism, love & support that Mark and his training team showed was just unmatchable.

It was the most eye opening 5 days of my life that made me realise I could do some work as and when I am able as the environments this BTEC puts you in are that of calm, peace and tranquillity.

Although the BTEC isn’t cheap, once you hold this, your day rate goes up so much.

I now work as and when I want for other members of the NfPS family in the most fabulous health & social care, education, NHS, High secure mental health units & Cruise ship settings.

The BTEC was paid off in 6 weeks.

I only need to work 4 days a month for my LTD company to earn the same amount as someone in a 40 hour a week job.

My working day is around 9.30-3.30 with an hour lunch and morning and afternoon break.

The people I work for and their PA s are all of the same nature. I get treated with utmost respect.

The satisfaction of seeing your learners be empowered and feel safer in their jobs is so rewarding & to be a part of their journey in what can be a very challenging job role is a privilege.

Mark is ALWAYS there for support. He goes out his way to be there for you. He will also gently say if I need to make changes and how to do it.

NFPS has given a 12 year old girl her Mummy back and has allowed me the financial capacity to pay for 2 weeks in Orlando Florida for her to experience Disney world and all the magic around it.

That in itself has given me back my self esteem.

Moving forwards, I now have 2 other NFPS qualified trainers in my company and slowly but surely we will gain our own contracts, but we will always work for the people in the NfPS family as it’s so easy and stress free.

As I write this, I’m sitting in the beautiful York countryside listening to the birds tweet, with a day of re certifying care staff.

I’ve also been given an amazing opportunity by a fabulous lady to compete 2 of her horses at top level competitions again.

These horses were bred at the Mount St John stud which is one of the worlds best producers of showing and dressage horses.

Again being outside and around these magnificent animals causes positive effects on my body to keep my health under control and as I only need to work 1 day a week I have plenty of time to spend with them.

If you want a positive lifestyle change, get yourself on that course.”

So, if you are looking for training with an organisation that cares about your development, contact us today.