Is A Door Supervisor Covered if They Are Assaulted By A Member of The Public Whilst At Work [Video]

I recently put out a video entitled ‘Is a Door Supervisor Covered By Their Company Insurance if They Go To Assist Someone in The Street’ and we had some very interesting comments and feedback on that in the threads on Facebook and LinkedIn.

I then received a message from someone who told me that he and his friend work for a company on a self-employed basis.

He also told me that his friend was assaulted at work and only received £150 compensation from the court having lost a fair bit of money not being able to work for 6 weeks.

He said that the company they work for claimed that their public liability insurance only covers them if they injure themselves at work, for example, if they slipped down some stairs or if they injured a customer, not if we are assaulted by a member of the public.

The question he asked me was “Is it ok for a company to be essentially not insuring us like this?”

This video answers that question.

Oh, and feel free to share this video wherever you wish if you think it will help someone else.

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Mark Dawes

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