Thoughts Become Things

A Thought Fuelled By Faith and Pursued with Determination & Perseverance Binded By A Strong Emotional Attachment Will Become Your Reality – Good or Bad!

This was part of an email that I sent to someone today. It was in response to a recent post that I had put out highlighting the need for more positivity in the light of all of the current negative media. I hope that it helps some of you.

“I agree with you that we shouldn’t be painting a delusional picture and that there are realities to deal with, but what I do know, for fact, is that what we focus on we get more of.

For example a study has shown that 79% of 1st year medical students studying tropical diseases got the symptoms of the diseases they were studying, especially nearer exam times when their focus is intensified with emotion (possibly the impending stresses of the exam).

Captain Tom is a true inspiration and his mantra of “Tomorrow Will Be A Better Day” is what makes his determination and perseverance happen.

Captain Tom’s mantra is a form of autosuggestion, and autosuggestion strengthens our faith and when a thought or desire is fuelled by faith and pursued with determination and perseverance (the forming of all habits), combined with a strong emotional desire what happens is whatever someone focuses on becomes their reality, whatever that reality may be, good or bad.

Therefore, the reality that will sadly emerge for some people will be a dim one, because that’s what they are constantly thinking about and continually focussed on (with the help of the media and those all around them), and if their thoughts or desires are fuelled by negative self-talk (autosuggestion) which then becomes a habitual practice which are subsequently strengthened by negative emotions (fear, anger, hatred, etc.), they will invariably bring into their reality that which they do not wish to have.

That is the power of our mind.

But the good news is that they can train their mind to do exactly the opposite. It just takes training.”

I hope it helps some of you.