What Does ‘Suitable and Sufficient Mean, With Regards to Risk Assessments

What Does ‘Suitable and Sufficient Mean, with regards to risk assessments?

In my last video ‘Supervision in the Gym’ I spoke about risk assessments and the importance of a risk assessment being the ‘hub’ from where everything else – policy, procedure etc., comes from.

Since that video, I have been emailed and messaged with people asking me what the words ‘suitable and sufficient’ mean in relation to a risk assessment being done to a suitable and sufficient standard.

So in this video, I’m speaking about that and including an extract from one of the videos from our NFPS Level 3 Risk Assessment Course.

That course is just being updated because I have had a lot of enquiries about it and I may be launching it again in about a months time, but when I do I’ll only be taking 100 applications for it as we obviously have to mark and assess the paperwork for those who wish to gain an NFPS Level 3 certificate in it, but I’ll keep you posted about that.

Anyway, enjoy the video and I hope that I have explained what ‘suitable and sufficient’ means to you in a way that you can understand it.

Have a great day!