An Interview With Trevel Henry [Video]

This is an video interview that I did with Trevel Henry.

Trevel and I have known each other for many years and between us we probably have around 60 years experience (God that makes us sound old) in this industry so we’d thought we’d get around to doing a video together.

In this video we discussed lot of topics related to the use of force and violence in the workplace such as: No restraint/hands-on policies, staff training, Common Law, the Health and Safety at Work Act, staff training or lack of, whistleblowing, the basket-hold and single-person restraint, etc.

We also talked about some of the ‘mad’ things that we and other trainers have been told by staff that they say they have been told by other trainers and even managers in their workplace.

If any of you watching this want to contact Trevel then you can do so directly using this email – [email protected]

And if you want to listen to the Podcast version you can do so here: