Disabled mum spends eight hours in cell after hitting an intruder with a hammer to protect her baby

Disabled mum spends eight hours in cell after hitting an intruder with a hammer ‘to protect her baby’, but Staffordshire Police have confirmed ‘no further action will be taken’ against her.

Four intruders turned up at this mother’s house after one of them threatened to harm her two-year old child saying:

“Watch what I’ll do to Charlie, I’ll come and splatter him all over the road”.

This article once again highlights all of our rights to self-defence and the defence of another as well as illustrating how far a person can go to do that – https://www.itv.com/news/central/2022-02-04/i-did-what-any-mum-would-mum-fights-off-intruder-with-hammer-to-protect-baby

These are rights contained in our statute and common law, which can’t be removed, redacted or infringed by anyone, including a person’s employer.

Yet time and time again I hear the same old stories of companies disciplining staff for using force to defend themselves or others, which in many cases wouldn’t result in their arrest by the police and (if it ever did get to court) would be thrown out.

In a lot of these cases the employer has also intentionally put the member of staff in a position of risk where they have had to defend themselves or others, without the appropriate training, equipment, support and back-up and safeguards in place.

And then a manager, with no competence or understanding of the law in relation to the use of force, makes the decision to discipline the member of staff they intentionally placed at risk on the basis that ‘in their opinion’ what they did wasn’t right or because it went against a ‘company policy’ that has been put together to appease an inspectorate or particular code of practice that has no mandatory legal status.

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