Driver who mowed down knife attacker (quite rightly) released without charge

Driver who mowed down knife attacker (quite rightly) released without charge.

This is an interesting story because it highlights the law in relation to self-defence and particularly the defence of another and how far someone can legally go in defending themselves or others.

This principle of law also applies in the workplace, because as one Judge put it:

“You can’t put up a wall and stop the law from coming in”.

So why is it that in some industry sectors, where staff are at high risk of violent attacks, are staff disciplined for using reasonable force, even when the police would state that there are no criminal charges to answer to and state that what the member of staff did was reasonable in the circumstances?

 And why are companies whose staff are at serious risk of injury or death adopting codes of practice, working practices and deliver training that falls so far short of what the law allows and allow themselves to be advised and investigated by incompetent inspectors who have no training or understanding of reasonable force?

More importantly, why do these organisations and their senior management not only agree to it but embrace it and actively allow it to happen?

There are two things that get good people hurt – complacency and conformity – and there’s way too much of it happening right now.

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