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First and foremost, happy New Year and let’s have a great 2019. Obviously, this year, we’ve got our courses coming up.

We’ve got our Restraint Instructor Course, we’ve got the Refresher Courses, we’ve got our Self-Defence Instructor Courses, and a lot of other stuff happening as well in the industry and what we’re providing.

But one of the things I wanted to talk to you about is one of the benefits of training with us. Now this year particularly, we always over-deliver on courses, we always try and give more than what most other people do, to add value to you because see, we realise that people come and train in this industry, whether it’s to become a self-defence instructor or restraint trainer for various reasons, but there’s a lot of different reasons, and one of them is, is because people actually want to end up running their own business. They want to run their own self-defence classes, and we can give them all the training to do that.

Many people who come and train with us have trained with lots of other people as well, that’s absolutely great because there some brilliant trainers out there, but one of the things that they lack is confidence.

They don’t believe in their own ability.

They can have the training, but the training doesn’t work.

The reason is they need further additional help, and this is what we’ve actually implemented this year. We’ve got a Coaching and Mentoring Programme going on.

The NFPS Trainers Only Facebook Group

By the way, if you have trained with us in the last 12 months and you’re in date for your accreditation, then go to the NFPS Trainers Only Group, that’s where all this coaching and mentoring will be taking place.

We did a live video there the other day and we’re doing another one next Saturday.

If you are in date, you’ve trained with us and you are in date, come and join that group because we’re going to give you lots of good stuff of how to actually set up and run courses, how to market your business and lots of other stuff.

Because what we’ve found over, Christ, 30 years in this industry, I’m an old man now, is that some of the stuff you see online, particularly some of the gurus that talk about this stuff, they make it sound more complicated than it actually is. It actually isn’t that complicated. It’s quite a simple process to it, but you need to get that process in place and you need to have the right strategy. What we’re doing is helping people develop that strategy from within the industry.

Now I don’t profess to be a marketing guru by a long shot, but I am someone who is actually running a successful business in this industry and has been doing so for years. One of the key reasons is because we invest a lot of time learning about what works from a marketing and business perspective, so that’s what we’re going to do.

The other thing I wanted to mention is I had a conversation with someone today on the phone, this morning. They said that they themselves spoke to someone, and that person wants to start a part-time business teaching self-defence or physical intervention, or whatever it is, conflict management handcuffing, but they lack the confidence to do it.

Everything Happens For A Reason

Now let me tell you something here, everything that’s got you to where you are now in your life, right now, at this moment in time, has happened for a reason, so if you’ve been depressed in the past and you’ve managed to cope with that depression and manage that depression, and maybe use something like martial arts or self-defence to actually give you a vehicle to break out of that depression, then you are more qualified than anyone else to teach people how you can use that to overcome their depression. It’ll be the same for if you were bullied or if you were abused, or whatever it is. You are a trainer and you are a coach, and you can be a mentor.

Because here’s the other thing, setting up a course and doing stuff can seem massively overwhelming because there seems to be so much you have to do, and you hear people online talk about building funnels and having the opportunity page and the lead pages and auto-responders, and all this stuff. It’s all good stuff and it is good to have that stuff when you actually need it, but right at the beginning, you don’t need all that.

Now next Saturday, I’m actually going to be going live on our NFPS Trainers only Facebook Group, and I’ll be showing you how to set up an online course without even needing to produce a video, without even needing to have a landing page, without even needing anything else. It’s dead, dead simple.

Would You Like To Earn An Extra £5000 a Year?

Now think about this, if you want to earn an extra £5000 a year, that’s a good holiday, you’ve only got to get £500 a month because you have two months off a year. Now £500 a month, if you did one course with 10 people on it at £50 a head, that’s one course a month, which is £500 a month, which is £5000 a year, which is a nice holiday. You just work the numbers out.

Every one of you out there is capable of doing that, and this is what our commitment is.

We just don’t want to train you and give you a certificate, and send you on your way and say, “Thanks ever so much. Off you go,” we’re all about support. We’re all about helping and we’re all about adding value.

That’s a tip you can take into your business right now.

The Key Is This!

If you can help someone, here’s the key thing, if you can help someone solve a problem, then you’re in business.

The bigger the problem you can help solve, the more valuable you become.

Simply answering someone’s questions, helping someone solve a problem, you’re in business, you’re learning to coach, you’re a mentor already. Now listen, if you’ve got kids, if you’ve got family, if you work or have worked, then you’ve done that already. You’ve just got to put it into a different format.

Well listen, that’s all I wanted to say right now. Once again, if you are qualified with us already and you are in date, then apply to join the NFPS Trainers Only Facebook group, and you can see the live video we did the other day and pick up some tips from there. The feedback we got was immense by the way. It was absolutely brilliant. If you’re not training with us yet, but you are intending to train with us, then come on, hop onboard. Jump on one of the courses and you get access to all this other stuff too. Because we genuinely want you to be successful in 2019.

Well, that’s all from me. If you’ve got any comments, leave them below and I’ll speak to you soon. Thanks ever so much.

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