How can I find an experienced self defence instructor and what are some good questions to ask

“How can I find an experienced self defence instructor and what are some good questions to ask?”

This is a great question and the following is one of my personal tips:

Ask or research their experience.

A good self defence instructor will have operational experience in roles where they had to use situational awareness skills to avoid the need to use self-defence in the first place.

Lets use a close protection officer as an example.

A good close protection officer (bodyguard) should be proficient at identifying potential risks to their principal well in advance and taking evasive action to avoid the risk.

No-one wants a close protection officer who has proved that they are a great fighter by the number of fights they have had in public when protecting someone else!

And no credible or high profile client would want someone protecting them that ended up in such situations.

The media would have a field day!

The key is to notice and avoid any potential threat.

Another example is shareholder meetings for large corporations where there could be public demonstrations.

Having security staff who can identify potential risks and take initial action to avoid a larger issue arising are crucial.

No large corporation wants their security getting involved in physical confrontations where they can be avoided.

It isn’t good for the organisation’s public image to say the least.

They want professional security who are alert and aware.

They want security who can spot the initial stage/s of a potential issue and take action before it escalates.

Ginge Johnson is a former SAS trooper and a very experienced self defence instructor.

Ginge has worked in close protection all over the world.

He has looked after some very (very) high profile clients.

Ginge also teaches elements of situational awareness as well as knife and edged weapon awareness on his CQC Course.

Lofty Wiseman (the longest serving member of the SAS) also teaches situational awareness on this course.

Both Ginge and Lofty will tell you that situational awareness is the fundamental foundation stone and key to staying safe.

Ginge and Lofty will be delivering a full days CQC Training on the 20th August in Hereford.

And of course, it will include situational awareness, knife and edged weapon awareness and the ‘pyramid of learning’. 

So, if you’d like to learn some practical and functional self-defense skills combined with situational awareness and edged weapon awareness training taught by two very experienced and competent people then click on the link below.

Also, you get access too £1,620.00 of Additional Bonuses which you can see here when you attend this course –

But please note …… places are now seriously limited!

PS: Failing that we are running a BTEC Level 3 Self-Defence Instructor Award Course on the 1st and 2nd October and you can find out more about that here –