Impermanence and Interbeing

Impermanence and Interbeing

There are two things that have helped me with how I live my life.

They keep me on track and remind me of what is really important.

They also help me deal with the amount of unnecessary and unimportant things that we all have to deal with on a daily (sometimes moment to moment) basis.

The first one is ‘Impermanence’.

Impermanence reminds me that nothing lasts forever and that everything is in transition (in-formation) and is constantly changing.

Impermanence is organic (derived from living matter).

For example, one day a flower will wilt and become one with the soil and compost from which another flower will grow.

Even our lives are subject to this universal organic law.

So what is happening to you right now will one day end.

The sadness you may be feeling will soon pass.

The worry you feel will soon subside.

The illness you have will one day pass.

And one day we, like the flower, will wilt and become one once again with the universe as we pass on to our next universal adventure.

The second thing is ‘Interbeing’.

We are all connected.

Our bodies are made up of non-body elements just as a flower is made up of non-flower elements.

For a flower to become a flower it must have air, sunshine, rain, soil and nutrients and it relies on other insects, such as bees, to pollinate it and help it grow.

Without these the flower cannot be.

A human being is also made up of non-human elements.

For a human being to exist we also need air, sunshine, rain, food (and to grow food we need soil, nutrients and other insects and animals) to help us live.

And we share these things with everything and everyone on earth.

When we understand these facts we can realise that everything is connected to everything else.

Have a great day!