Interview With Dr. Tony Bleetman 18th November 2020

This is a video interview I did with my good friend and professional colleague Tony Bleetman on the 18th November 2020.

In this video Tony takes a look back at how far the UK has come in the last twenty or so years in relation to restraint and how far ahead the UK is compared to many other countries.

We talk about the history of restraint, where it came from and how each different sector decided upon its own restraint training based on their own specific objectives and requirements.

We also discuss issues such as how organisations should decide on what training and training providers they should use based on the outcomes they want to achieve as opposed just to choosing a training provider based on certification and/or accreditation alone.

We discuss the need for evidence-based training and the need to consider the motivations and capability (or lack of) of staff balanced against the behaviours and ability of the service users they look after that they at times may have to restraint.

We talk about the importance of having a restraint strategy decided by a multidisciplinary team of professional qualified and competent individuals and how that can help front line staff manage situations when they are expected to use restraint.

We talk about the need for the use of mechanical restraints and how the  perception of such equipment is at times negatively biased by out of date historical Victorian views on ‘shackling’ for example.

We also discuss the new NFPS Professional Membership Association and the benefits to individuals and organisations with regards to the range of professional disciplines that we have brought together in the Association.

To find out more about the NFPS Professional Membership Association go to this link –