Bullying, Restraint Elimination and The Dog With Five Legs [Video]

Bullying, Restraint Elimination and The Dog With Five Legs [Video]

As this is anti-bullying week Trevel and I discuss bullying from a few different perspectives.

We talk about the psychological impact of bullying and the fact that ninty-eight percent of human beings can suffer a phobic reaction caused by interpersonal human conflict compared to only fifteen percent who would suffer a phobic reaction if confronted by a snake.

We discuss school-refusal phobia, a little known phenomena caused by bullying at school.

Trevel and I discuss the need for more openness and transparency, especially from men who tend to suffer in silence because they are supposed to be ‘men’.

Workplace Bullying

We then look at the issue of workplace bullying, especially the subtle way that this can take place which can leave staff willing to put up with the pain and indignity of being verbally and physically abused as opposed to being disciplined by their management.

School Bullying and Defending Oneself

We talk about a situation where a bullied child had reached crisis point and defended himself only to be excluded by the school who knew about the bullying but wouldn’t exclude the bullies due to the school full-inclusion policy. Which is basically discrimination.


We discuss the reality that many staff face when training is decided on a ‘certification’ or ‘accreditation’ basis only, without any thought for the objectives that need to be met and how different agencies will have different sector operational and organisational objectives.

we talk frankly about decisions being made about training by managers who use subjective opinion as opposed to an objective training needs analysis which can lead to techniques being omitted that should be used which leave everyone at risk.


We reflect on the fact that when we first stated there was a large problem in under-reporting because staff felt that there was no point in doing so because nothing would get done.

Restraint Elimination

We talk about the new mantra of ‘restraint elimination’ and how that can have an adverse effect on front line staff who may end up being given ‘watered down’ training and who may be encouraged not to report (back to the bad old days) in an attempt to create the perception that restraint elimination is achievable. 

The Dog With Five Legs

Finally I’m going to tell you my joke with a message about the committee and the five-legged dog.


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