Is the New PI Accreditation Worth It or Are We Putting Profits Before Safety? [Video]

As you may be aware there is a new physical intervention accreditation coming into effect in April 2020, which we are not going to be pursuing and I mentioned in one of my previous videos that we could see no major benefit in pursuing the accreditation.

This prompted a few people to come back to me to say that there was a benefit, and that benefit is that if anyone wishes to deliver, or continue to deliver physical intervention training to an NHS trust in England, then they need to have the accreditation because NHS England have made it a condition of contract.

So my question is, ‘Is the New PI Accreditation Worth It or Are We Putting Profits Before Safety?’

To read more as to why we will not be adopting the new PI accreditation please go to these blog posts that explain our reasoning in more detail:

The Reasons Behind Why NFPS Ltd Will Not Be Adopting The BILD/RRN/UKAS PI Accreditation Scheme [Video]

NFPS Ltd will not be seeking accreditation under the new PI accreditation scheme that is due to come into effect in April 2020.

Oh, and we will still be running our BTEC Level 3 Restraint Instructor Award Course which is not only a properly accredited BTEC Level 3 Award issued by one of the world’s largest Awarding organisations, but also one that has been medically reviewed, risk assessed and regularly checked for legal accuracy and you can find out more here if you are interested –

6 thoughts on “Is the New PI Accreditation Worth It or Are We Putting Profits Before Safety? [Video]”

  1. Brilliant mark, it is about time that this was ditched as it is about putting profit before safety. I am glad that you have spoken out on this as I know a lot of people feel the same and even a lot of nursing staff and agency staff feel that it is putting profit again before safety, and that is why we are at Basis training not going down this route

  2. Hi Mark,

    i think your decision underlines how genuine you are by not profiting from something that you certainly could but do not believe in.

    Best Regards
    Tony Berrill

  3. Good decision Mark again putting the interests of safety before profit well done to you and your team.

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