Negligible Use of Force

The Negligible Use of Force There is a post on Linkedin that starts with the sentence “Did you know that the 2018 Mental Health Units Act (AKA Seni’s Law) permits ‘negligible’ force?” However, that sentence is not exactly true as the following comment shows from Eric Baskind who is a senior lecturer of law and an esteemed expert witness: “”Did … Read more

Why The RRN Standards Are Unworkable

The transcript that follows this brief introduction is from a talk given by Nicola Lochery that we recorded on our last refresher about the RRN (Restraint Reduction Network) standards.  Nicola has done a lot of work mapping her training over to the RRN standards. She has also been looking at how some NHS trusts are only going to get a … Read more

Eric Baskind and I Discussing The Legal Implications of a Care Quality Commission Freedom of Information Response [Video]

Under The Health & Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014: Regulation 13:

“CQC inspectors are expected to safeguard people who use services from suffering any form of abuse or improper treatment, which includes …. unlawful restraint”.

However the CQC’s response to a freedom of information request has highlighted that CQC inspectors are very highly likely to be unqualified or competent to do so because they receive no training in that area.

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Has The New PI Accreditation Been Put Back to 2021 [Video]

As many of you will know NHS England have made it a condition of contract that anyone providing training to a NHS Trust with a Mental Health Unit in England must have the new PI certification by April 2020.

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Why You Should Consider Not Training With Us [Video]

Why You Should Consider Not Training With Us

Nailing the colours (also nailing the colours to the mast or nailing the flag) is a practice dating back to the age of sail that expresses a defiant refusal to surrender, and willingness to fight to the last man.

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The Reasons Behind Why NFPS Ltd Will Not Be Adopting The BILD/RRN/UKAS PI Accreditation Scheme [Video]

I have made it no secret that we [NFPS Ltd] will not be adopting the new PI Accreditation Scheme that is due to come into effect in April 2020.

Since we made that announcement a lot of people have come back to me asking us why, and wanting to know what our reasons are for not adopting it.

Therefore, I have taken the time to put together these three short videos to explain why we won’t be undertaking the accreditation

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NFPS Ltd And The Priory Will Shortly Be Parting Company (By Mutual Agreement)

It is with regret that as from the end of this year we [NFPS Ltd] will no longer be delivering PMVA Training to the Priory. This decision has come about due to the fact that we do not wish to become accredited under the new PI accreditation scheme that is being introduced next year. This is not a decision we … Read more