NLP Practitioner/Trainer Course 2021

Hey everyone, after lots of requests from a number of people I am seriously considering running an online NLP Course and/or an attendance one once covid has finished.

I had decided to run my last course in 2018, but due to a lot of requests I have decided to run another.

Learning NLP Changed My Life

For me learning NLP literally changed my life and allowed me to go from being broke (nearly bankrupt) to turning my life around and running a successful business, having fulfilling relationships and more importantly, aligning my values with my business, professional and personal lifestyle.

Now I want to offer you the same opportunity.

I want to do this because this pandemic has made many of us take stock of our lives. It has challenged us financially, emotionally and spiritually and has made us reflect on what is really important in our lives.

This pandemic has highlighted the fragile nature and impermanence of things. It has brought home to so many of us how change is inevitable and how fighting change or trying to hold onto the permanence of things leads to anxiety, fear, worry and suffering.

We Will Be Entering a Changing World

As we come out of this pandemic we will enter a world where things will never be the same again and to cope with this change we will need now, more than ever before, strategies and skills that will help us not just survive but strive.

A famous Greek philosopher called Epictetus once said:

“People are not disturbed by things, but by the views they take of them.”

Therefore, it isn’t what happens but what we think about those circumstances and what we choose to do or not do about it that defines our true destiny.

Combined NLP, Meditation, Mindfulness, Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Positive Psychology, Understanding Stress & Performance, and much more…. 

Over the many years I have combined my NLP Practice with others skills such as: meditation, mindfulness, cognitive hypnotherapy, positive psychology, understanding stress and performance and much more to provide a more holistic approach to navigating life’s changing nature.

As the old saying goes, if you go to sea in a boat without a rudder then you are at the mercy of the wind and the tides that will take you to a destination not of your choosing. But every experienced sailor knows that they can’t change the wind nor the tide,so they learn to harness its power and work with it to navigate them to their preferred chosen destination.

What The Course Will Cover

This is what this course will be designed to help you do.

The course will cover:

  1. The 4 Pillars of NLP
  2. Representational Systems
  3. The Structure of Language
  4. Rapport Building
  5. Anchoring
  6. Values and Beliefs
  7. Eye-Accessing Cues
  8. Meta-Programmes
  9. Meditation & Mindfulness
  10. Hypnotic Language Structures and Presuppositions
  11. Stress

Listen To What Danielle Brown MBE Has to Say About The Course

Below is a short video testimonial from Danielle Brown MBE (a two times Para-Olympian Gold Medalist) who attended one of my courses as preparation for the Para-Olympics in London 2012.

At the moment it would be really helpful to know if you would be interested so I can decide to go ahead and put this on, so if it is please leave a ‘Yes’ in the comment box below so I can gauge the interest in this course.

It might be the one course this year that literally changes your life.