Are You Interested in Our Next Quantum Thinking, Meditation Mindfulness and NLP Workshop?

Join us for a transformative two days of exploration and self-discovery at this Quantum Thinking, Mindfulness Meditation & NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Workshop. Led by Mark Dawes with other guest experienced instructors, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to tap into your inner wisdom and enhance your overall well-being. Throughout the day, you’ll learn practical techniques to quiet the mind, cultivate … Read more

Has Aggression towards Reception and Healthcare Staff become Routine?

Research studies across 5 countries including the UK, show that Aggression towards GP receptionists is a ‘frequent and routine’ occurrence. Fact sheets covering the period 2010 to 2018 recorded an increase in reported incidents of aggression from 6 per 10,000 staff to 10+ per 10,000 staff. How much more would these figures have increased by if staff felt more empowered … Read more

To Be Successful Adopt A ‘Ready, Fire, Aim’ Approach As Opposed To A ‘Ready, Aim, Fire’ Approach

Too many people are perfectionists, which means that they will procrastinate.

They have a ‘Ready, Aim, Fire’, which means that unless they believe that they are 100% ready, they will not do whatever it is they wish to do, primarily because they feel that they will be judged if they don’t succeed 100% the first time.

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Why Do I Meditate – Have I Gone Over To The ‘Dark Side’? [Podcast]

Why Do I Meditate – Have I Gone Over To The ‘Dark Side’? [Podcast]

You may have noticed that I have posted various articles and podcasts about meditation, and that’s generated some interesting conversations with people, many who I have known for many years and some who are very good friends.

Some people, I am sure, think that I’ve gone over to the ‘dark side’ as they see meditation and mindfulness as some form of ‘weird’ spirituality thing.

Others think that I have possibly gone soft, but none of that could be further from the truth. 

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