“No matter what staff experience, the patient comes first Jim”

“No matter what staff experience, the patient comes first Jim”

How many times have you heard s**** like that?

That is ‘dog s***’ advice!

It’s politically expedient, wilfully negligent, biased and highly illegal.

It’s also a ‘rule based mistake’ (and you can Google and see our video on HSG 48) about that).

Could you imagine briefing soldiers going into battle that the enemy comes first!

Now I’m not saying that a patient should be classed as an ‘enemy’ and the fact that I have to make that statement is evidence in itself of how some people will react to this post.

But the fact is I don’t care what they think!

What I care about is keeping people safe.

That includes staff and patients/service users/members of the public.

It also includes the organisation.

Because an organisation is responsible and accountable for all advice, guidance and instructions it gives to its staff.

Especially if it’s ‘dog s***’ advice, guidance and instruction.

And ….. if an organisation commissions a training provider they (the organisation) becomes vicariously responsible for the training provided.

But, in the words of Michael Caine, “Not a lot of people know that!”.

So forget what certification is on offer.

Forget what accreditation the trainer holds.

These are hardly ever asked for in court.

The only thing that matters is does the training eliminate or reduce the identified risks?

And can that be evidenced?

That is what we do. We reduce risk by the safest, efficient, effective and legally correct way/s possible.

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# Keep your patients/services users safe;

# Keep your staff safe;

# Reduce your companies liability.

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