Physical Intervention – What You Should Know When Choosing Physical Intervention Training [Video]

Physical Intervention – What You Should Know When Choosing Physical Intervention Training.

Hi, everyone, it’s Mark Dawes from NFPS Ltd here, and if you landed on this blog post, it’s because you are looking for more information on physical intervention/physical restraint and I can understand how difficult that could be for you because it can be like navigating through a minefield.

You see, there are some physical intervention organization trainers out there that are really good, and there are some that are not really good.

But here’s the crux of the matter. If you are looking for physical intervention training or information, then you become responsible for the information and training that you take on board if you do not do your due diligence properly.

Now I understand this because a long time ago when I was looking for information, I had to navigate through the mind field of organizations and agencies out there that were telling me I had to do this and I had to do that. It was like being bludgeoned to death.

That whole landscape has now changed. Physical intervention is no longer primarily about teaching a range of techniques within a rigid system. It’s now about finding solutions to problems. That means that in your training and in your delivery, or in your commissioning of training, you need to have an agency or an organizational trainer that are flexible enough to be able to understand things like risk assessment, so that they can actually move things around and get things medically reviewed and risk assessed, so they meet your specific needs.

That’s a key factor nowadays. You cannot have an off the shelf, once size all fits course for everyone.

Now I was actually the first person in the UK if not worldwide to write Awarding Body Qualifications on physical intervention. We have a whole stable of qualifications now for front-line opportunities in the care sector, in the education sector, in the security sector, and a whole range of other sectors. We also have trainers qualifications too.

The beauty of that is that it allows us to evidence a structured approach of learning an assessment towards passing someone and qualifying them to a competent standard. We can actually evidence that and that’s a really another important thing for you to understand. You may one day be called upon to provide evidence in a court of law or in a tribunal. The other thing about our training is that we’ve had it legally reviewed.

It’s all underpinned by health and safety and risk assessments, and medical reviews. These three cornerstones are really, really important for you when you are looking at training. That’s whether you choose to look at training with us or whether you choose to look at training with someone else. Make sure those cornerstones are there.

Also, really important for you, is make sure you get the support you need from the training provider you use.

That’s absolutely crucial because it’s okay during the training course, but come the day of the race when you got to deliver training, you made need more than just that training course. Any provider like us should provide you with resources, online resources, post course access, post course support, and all of the guys and girls who train with have my phone number and my direct email so they can contact me if they have any issues and we get back from straight away.

Listen, this is only a short introductory blog post because you’ve actually been searching for physical intervention. There’s a link below this post and in the video above which will take you through to a webpage where you can find out a lot more about what we do and a lot more about what you need to do, so if you’re looking to train in physical intervention, or to commission physical intervention training, click on the link, go and have a look.

If nothing else, it will give you a framework and a foundation from where to start from and the questions you should be asking. That’s all from me for now. Thanks ever so much for joining me. Click on the link and I’ll see you on the next webpage –