Conflict Management Trainer Training [Video]

Hi Guys. Mark Dawes, NFPS limited and if you’ve landed on this video, it’s because you are interested in conflict management training or in becoming a conflict management trainer and you’ve come to the right place, because one of the frustrations you’re experiencing right now is in trying to find a credible training provider to train with.

That’s understandable because when you’re searching around the interweb, it’s really difficult to judge whether what someone’s offering is good, bad or indifferent. Let me put your mind at rest with us for a minute because this is where we cut our teeth. We have been delivering conflict management way, way back in the early days. In fact, I wrote a book about this back in 1999 called Managing the Monkey and you can Google it, it’s still available somewhere. If I had a copy I’d send it to you, but I actually don’t, but you can get one off the interweb, buy it, have a read.

But here’s the important thing, what are you looking for from a training provider if you’re looking to get trained because obviously you want a qualification, but let me tell you this now, the qualification should be the least important thing that you leave that course with.

What we’re looking for and what we give people, when they train with us, is the ability to leave that course with the confidence, the competence, and the tools to be able to deliver conflict management training. That’s the key thing, and we’ll certificate you as well, so you can get your Awarding Body certification if you want.

We also provide lots and lots of additional resources like PowerPoint presentations, video-voice overs of the PowerPoint presentations, and you’ll have all these resources there to keep so that if even after the training if you’re stuck, you’ve only got to replay the videos of the Powerpoints and you can learn them. We’ll even rip them down into MP3s for so you can put them into your car and listen to them while you’re driving because that’s how I learn, by the way, my car is my university and when I’m in that car I listen to MP3s all the time. That’s just a couple of things I want to tell you about.

The next course is taking place on the 29th and 30th of September. It’s going to be a good course. The July course was fantastic. We had lots of decent people on there from police officers, through to charity workers, Christian people who run an outreach service in London, care home managers, NHS. Virtually every occupational skill was there, and the feedback we got was that it was one of the best courses they’ve been on. Now you can see all this feedback because I’m going to put a link under this video. You can go to the main web page. You can look at what people have said about the course, and you can actually from there sign up for a Free Video which would give you five reasons why you should attend this master class we’re putting on September.

Now, the thing to bear in mind is this, we’ve only just started doing these Conflict Management Master Classes. We’ve never done this as a standalone. We’re only doing the September one because the July one was so successful. So, if you’re interested, click on the link below and you can find out a lot more. Thanks ever so much.

See you then.