Sam Childers-The Machine Gun Preacher-In Partnership With NFPS Ltd

Hey there everyone Sam Childers, Machine Gun Preacher. Founder of Angels of East Africa.

We have been in Africa for over two decades rescuing children.
We got a lot of people that come on and partner with us, but we have a new partner that I know some big things are going to happen. Mark Dawes from the UK.
Mark has come on, he’s not only partnering with us, we’re getting ready to open up an Angels of East Africa UK.
This ministry is going to be still used saving children in East Africa.
Mark Dawes is also the founder of Safeguarding Awareness courses. I think it’s awesome what he’s doing. He’s taken all the proceeds, all the profits and going to be donating it to helping us save children in East Africa. This is a very awesome thing. Just keep your eyes open, keep your ears open.

You’ll be hearing a lot about Angels of East Africa UK. I want to tell you all the support that you can give to us, all the help that you can give to us is going to rescue children that are orphaned.

We do some big feeding programmes. We’re feeding way over 8,000 meals. We know within the next few days we’re going to hit 9,000 meals.

You’re not only helping orphans, you’re also helping other children that probably would not eat, you’re helping to feed those children today. At the end of the day people remember, Sam Childers, Machine Gun Preacher is going to be partnering with Mark Dawes.
Keep in mind that this partnership is in the UK and it’s going to be easy for you to get tax deductions. It’s going to be easy for your donation to go straight to Africa and help us save children. I want to say thank you and when you hear the name Machine Gun Preacher, remember we’re part of the family now with the NFPS.
Thank you.

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