Would You Invest £900 a Year To Earn £20,000 A Year? [Podcast]

Business is all about ROI – a Return on Investment.

So, on that basis, would you spend £900 a year to earn an additional £20,000 a year?

Well, research from non-profit organisations Do It Digital and YouGov, published in January this year (2017), has suggested that small businesses in Britain without any digital infrastructure are missing out on a total of £20.2billion in revenue each year, which equates to £20,000 per business in terms of increased revenue.

The reality however, is that approximately 54 per cent of small businesses in the UK are without a website and I have just lokoed at all of the listings on our website of all of the licensed centres and approved trainers and the stats show that out of 96 listings on 46 have a website.

That means 48% of trainers listed on our site are losing out on untapped income.

But don’t immediately rush out and get a web-designer to create a website for you, and the reason is, is that most websites are not created equal.

There are websites that help you generate income and there are websites that don’t.

The key is in having a platform and a system that works.

If you want your business to grow significantly over teh next three – five years, then you not only need a web-based platform, you need a platform that will help you convert visitors into customers, and there is are platforms  and systems for doing just that and in June I’m going to be showing you exactly what I use and how it converts.

The other year I introduced someone to this system who was on the verge of going bankrupt. Within a very short period of time he was generating £1000 a month and since evolving the platform and system he is generating and additional £2,500 a month into his business for an expenditure of £230 a month.

Question, would you spend £230 or even £300 a month to generate £2500 a month?

This is why business and marketing is all about a return on investment and I’m going to show you exactly what I d and introduce you to the guy who went from almost bankrupt to running a successful business on a one-day event at the end of June (date to be confirmed.

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