The Prison of The Mind

The following facts are proven to the true…….

# The same thoughts always lead to the same choices.
# The same choices always lead to the same actions and behaviours.
# The same behaviours always create the exact same experiences
# The same experience produce the same emotions.
# Those same emotions influence those very same thoughts.

When this happens, everything in your biology stays the same. The networks in your brain stays the same, the chemicals that flow through your body stay the same and nurture or toxify every one of the thirty plus trillion cells in your body stays the same, the way your DNA is expressed stays the same (and yes, you can change the way your DNA is expressed), all of this is occurs because of how you choose to think, act and feel.

And how you choose to think, act and feel defines your personality, which is in turn infinitely connected to your life and your personal reality of how you view the world and what you experience in it every day.

So if you keep thinking the same thoughts, making the same choices, demonstrating the same behaviours, creating the same experiences and producing the same feelings and emotions you are going to end up hardwiring the neurological circuits in your brain which eventually defines your personality, who you have become.

In short we are the sum total of the way we choose to think, act and feel and if we choose to think, act and feel the same way every day, for the majority of our life, then your future is predictable by the past you have designed by the way you have chosen to think, act and feel.

But the good news is that you can start to create a new future right now. A future that is not limited by the your past thoughts, actions, feelings or your past experience.

And if you would like to know how you can do that simply do two things:

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