The Safety Pod as a Least Intrusive Option

In my last video ‘How Restraint Equipment Can Reduce Risk’ I spoke about using restraint equipment as a least intrusive option, and if you haven’t seen that video you can watch it here –

Today I have Pal with me from UK Pods Ltd, and I’ve hijacked him to talk about the Safety Pod to give all of you a better understanding of this exceptional piece of equipment and how it can help you reduce the need for prolonged restraint, especially on the floor in prone and supine as well as helping you reduce risk, costs and your overall liability.

In this video we’re going to answer the following questions:

#1: Does the Safety Pod Reduce Floor Restraint?

#2: What Makes it Different From a Bean Bag?

#3: Is There A Lot of Training Involved?

#4: Does it Require to Have Additional Staff Involved in The Restraint?

#5: What Are The Primary Benefits in Using a Safety Pod?

#6: Would You Say That A SafetyPod Is The Least Intrusive Option?

#7: What Are The Costs of A Safety Pod?

In my opinion, this is one of the best pieces of restraint equipment on the market.

It has been industry tested and medically reviewed as being absolutely fit for purpose and the evidential research and feedback has shown that it reduces the need for floor restraints, reduces time spent in restraint, reduces the risk of injury to everyone involved in a restraint, reduces operational costs, and a whole load of other benefits too that anyone in the industry would be mad to ignore.

If you would like to contact Pal directly with any questions that you may have then you can do so via his website at message him on Facebook or leave a comment below.