Why Mapping Over To Us Makes Sense

Read This If You Are a PI Trainer. Why Mapping Over To Us Makes Sense.

Some of you may be experiencing problems in being able to get a PI (Physical Intervention) Trainer Refresher Course.

Or you may be fed up with the restrictive license conditions imposed by your training provider that you are bound by (which may be costing you lost business opportunities, wasted time and money).

This is where we can help you by mapping-over to our (NFPS) system.

This is a simple process that requires you to attend a one-day course.

There are a number of benefits to training with us, and some of them are:

1: We don’t restrict who you train or where you train or in what industry sector you train.

I have heard that when you qualify with some training providers there are restrictions on who and where you can train.

Some restrict you to only teach staff within the organisation you work for.

That means that if there is an external request for training from another organisation you can’t accept it.

That limits your ability to deliver training as an additional means of income generation for you and/or your company.

If you leave the organisation then you probably have to re-train with another training provider (and I believe that finding one who is flexible enough to accommodate your needs is still quite difficult).

Imagine if you wanted to invest in a new car and the car dealer said to you, “This model costs £X Thousands, but you can only drive it in Hampshire as we don’t license you to drive outside of the county you live in.”

I certainly wouldn’t buy it! Would you?

For example, I heard from a NHS hospital security manager who was ‘licensed’ to deliver training to NHS security staff only.

He was asked by his trust if he could deliver training to other NHS staff to help keep them safe.

When he asked his training provider they said that he was only licensed to use their materials for the training of NHS security staff only and (apparently) if he wanted to teach non-security (nursing staff) he would need to do another course to be licensed to do so.

The last time I checked nursing staff had one head, two arms and two legs much the same as security staff, so why the need for different training?

This is why we don’t restrict who you train, where you train or in what industry sector you train.

2: If you leave an organisation, your qualification and accreditation goes with you.

If you decide to leave an organisation to work for someone else your qualification goes with you enabling you to train another companies staff (there’s a great selling point for your cv).

If you decide to leave an organisation to start your own business, guess what?

Yep, your qualification goes with you enabling you to offer your services as a trainer without being restricted by any license restrictions or in having to re-train with someone else.

Yes, I’m back to the car example again!

3: We don’t charge a fee per learner workbook.

When you train with us we give you all of the licensed material you need on a print on demand basis.

The cost of this is included in your refresher/mapping-over investment, so there is no additional cost either.

This can literally save you thousands of pounds of your hard earned money.

For example, say you have to pay £10 per learner workbook.

On a course of 12 people, that’s £120 per course less earning for you.

And if you run only one course a month, that works out to £1,440 a year.

If you run one course a week with 12 people on it, training with us will save you £6,240 a year.

4: For SIA PI you don’t need to be a ‘NFPS Approved Centre’ to be licensed to deliver the PI module on the door supervisors course via an Awarding Organisation.

When you train or refresh with us we will give you a license to use our materials (which is what the Awarding Organisations require) as evidence that you are licensed to use our materials.

The cost of that license is £0 – FREE!

And it remains free for as long as you continue to refresh with us.

That means you can run your own training and certificate directly with whatever Awarding Organisation you are a centre with, without any need to be a ‘centre’ with us.

That’s another obstacle that is removed when you train with us.

We have some spaces on our next mapping-over course which will be running on the 28th September near Telford in Shropshire.

To find out more drop me a DM or send me an email at [email protected].

If you need to get your ticket refreshed before then we may be able to help you with that too, so feel free to get in touch.

Why are we doing this?

It’s simple and it sounds like a cliche, but we like helping people.

That’s it really!

Have a great day.