How The SAS Breached RNAS Culdrose Defences (Video)

The True Story About ‘Taff-In-The-Box’ And How The SAS Breached RNAS Culdrose Defences (Video)

In 1977 I was a 17 year-old Royal Navy trainee with only six months service based at Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose (HMS Seahawk) in Cornwall (not Devon Lofty!).

It was then that we were informed that the SAS (Special Air Service) were coming to test the air stations defences.

I’d never heard of the SAS so I asked “Who are the SAS?”

By the time the powers that be had finished telling me who the SAS were I was bricking it!

I was envisaging heavily armed land rovers driving through the airfield perimeter fence and heavily armed and dangerous men parachuting in.

But the Royal navy must have had tremendous faith in this 17 year-olds fighting ability, because they armed with with a ‘stick’ (wooden baton) and told me to patrol the perimeter fence!

All evening and most of the night I walked up and down that bloody fence with my stick.

But, much to my relief, they didn’t come.

At least that’s what I thought.

This video tells the story straight out of Lofty Wiseman’s book, ‘Who Dares Grins’ and if you watch it to the end (and it’s only 5 minutes long) there’s an interesting end to this story almost forty-four years later.

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Enjoy the video and have a great Bank Holiday weekend.