Why You Mustn’t Do Fear, Stress or Live in a State of Lack (Video)

Why You Mustn’t Do Fear, Stress or Live in a State of Lack

This is a very important video so please watch to the end.

It may help you and/or someone you know.

I was asked recently if I was worried about stepping down from the business.

The main reason for the question was because the person asking it was worried about their job.

That is because they were uncertain about whether or not they would be made redundant.

To top that they don’t even like the job they are in.

But don’t want to lose it either.

There a double-dose of stress for you right there.

When we experience fear we create stress.

Stress compromises our immune system.

It’s so effective at doing that, that surgeons use stress hormones therapeutically to shut down a persons immune system during organ transplants.

This is so that the receiving body doesn’t reject the new organ.

So what about a person living in a constant state of fear?

Well, their immune system will be constantly compromised.

That means that they are more prone to getting sick and picking up diseases.

Ask yourself this question ……

Is it really worth getting ill for something you don’t even like and don’t want to do?

I hope you enjoy this video and please, feel free to share.