Will Certain Certification or Accreditation Protect Me? [Podcast]

Will having certain ‘certification’ or ‘accreditation’ protect an organisation if they commission training and something goes wrong because the training doesn’t meet the specific needs and risks of the organisation? 

One of the questions that keeps cropping up is can a training provider change, adapt of amend certain techniques to meet a commissioning agency’s needs?

The reason this becomes an issue is some agencies are allegedly being told by certain alleged training providers that they can’t change the training program, because if they did that it wouldn’t be legally defensible.

Now I know if Trevel Henry is listening to this he’ll be laughing right now, because the amount of times that we’ve had a conversation about this is unbelievable.

The fact of the matter is, is if anyone, including us, was delivering training that didn’t meet the needs, because it wasn’t in line with a training needs analysis or an assessment of risk, then it’s not legally defensible anyway!

It’s like going into a shop to buy a suit and the salesperson saying; “What size are you?” and you say; “Well I’m a 38 inch chest and a 32 inch waist”, and the salesperson saying; “Well I’m over so sorry the only suits we have are a 44 inch chest and a 28 inch waist you’ll have to fit inside this the suit”, you know, or going to a shoe shop and saying; “Well I’m a size nine shoe”, “I’m sorry we only sell size eights, there’s something wrong with your foot”.

I still find it bizarre today that people can’t change or adapt their training programs to meet the needs of what the commissioning agency requires because they will (as one person told me – quite openly – that they will lose certain certification which is “very important to them”. Obviously more important than staff or service user safety!

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