9 Self Defence Techniques That Everyone Should Know and Anyone Can Do


“If some cannot see, hear, breathe or walk, then they cannot fight.”
Mark Dawes

As strong and invincible as people like to think they are we are in fact quite vulnerable.

For example did you know that only 8.5 lbs of pressure could break any bone in the human body and it takes less than 4.5 lbs of pressure (2 small bags of sugar) to kill another human being?

And according to research the average person can punch with a force of approximately 240 – 350 pounds per square inch.

Therefore, it doesn’t actually matter how big or strong someone looks, if you have the ability to apply force in the right place them you have the ability to stop them dead in their tracks.

The aim of any self defence technique should be to achieve one or more of the following:

1: To make the aggressor lose their concentration. If they stop thinking about you they will stop hurting you.

2: Interfere with the physical integrity/ structure of the aggressors body.

3: Interfere with the central nervous system.

4: Destroy or interfere with circulation.

5: Interfere or destroy their ability to breathe.

This FREE eBook will show you 9 self-defence techniques that are simple and easy to execute.

This eBook is in no way a substitute or an alternative to attending a self-defence class, but it is a good reference document and resource for you, and because it’s free you have nothing to lose by taking a look at it.

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