A Five Thousand Percent Return on Investment and PI Training for Teachers

In this short video blog post learn about the benefits of having a ‘return on investment’ mentality, as opposed to a ‘marketing budget mentality’.

Also, I will be discussing the recent training course that we provided for teaching staff and the benefits that they found from working with us compared to previous courses that they had been on.

During the discussion, I will cover why ‘one-size fits all’ training courses are now dead and why it is important to have the ability to provide training that can meet the bespoke needs of the organisation, it’s staff and the service users they care for.

This is something that we have promoted for many years and which has also been promoted in various guidance documents and recommendations.

Providers have to work with the people they train and not simply train them. The future is about engineering and developing interdependent relationships with the people we train and the needs of each individual service user if we are all to provide training that meets the specific needs of each individual person.