My Dad’s Advice [Video]

My Dad was never one for giving advice, but just before I left to join the Royal Navy, he gave me one piece of advice which has been instrumental in virtually every career and business decision I’ve ever made.

13 Tips To Help You Become More Confident [Video]

13 Tips To Help You Become More Confident

I regularly meet people who tell me that they would love to this or that, but that they lack the confidence to do it, and this narrative holds them back, because they are already confident at doing certain things, but they over-generalise the ‘I don’t have the confidence’ story into certain areas of their life.

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Always Have a Strategy

“Always have a strategy and stick to it” – Ray Arcel Ray Arcel was an American boxing trainer who was active from the 1920s through the 1980s who trained 20 world champions. When training Roberto Duran he told Duran: “There’s technique and there’s strategy. Technique is your every move, your every punch. It covers all of your short-term decisions. Strategy … Read more

How To Retire A Millionaire

Imagine you’re retired now and you are sitting in your rocking chair looking back over the best years of your life, wondering what your life could have been like and how your retirement could be different now had you made different choices and taken different decisions. You’ve worked hard all of your life. You are a good person. You never … Read more

Let The Taxman Pay For Your Training [Video]

Let The Taxman Pay For Your Training

Today I want to talk to you about how you can offset the cost of your training, so whether you’re thinking about becoming a physical intervention trainer or a self-defence trainer, it’s how you can offset the cost of that, that investment, against tax.

Now, particularly if you’ve been in an employed role, where you pay PAYE or base-rate tax or even high-rate tax over the last three years, how you can offset the cost of your investment against that tax.

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Professional Indemnity Insurance – Does it Pay Out if You Are Negligent? [Video]

Professional Indemnity Insurance is insurance cover that covers trainers for anything that may happen outside the classroom or training hall. But it may not pay out if you give advice that is incorrect or legally flawed, yet many trainers don’t realise that.

Some examples of this that I have personally come across are as follows (and you’ll know this if you have been following me for a few years):

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