Covoid-19 Risk Assessment

Restraint and Covoid-19 Risk Assessment – Please Share and Help Me Save a Life

I don’t know if you are aware but I have put together a risk assessment to help  staff who are still at work, especially those staff who may be expected to physically control and restrain someone who may become violent, and as a result are exposing themselves to the risk of contracting the virus by having to make physical contact contrary to the Government’s policy on social distancing.

However, there are things that organisations can do to either eliminate or reduce the risk, but some organisations may not be aware of them and as such may be unknowingly placing staff at unnecessary risk.

And let’s be clear here – this is the risk of potential death!

If you haven’t downloaded it you can do so from here –

I have had lots of positive comments about it, which is encouraging as I genuinely put it together to help those who may find themselves in those situations.

Now even if this risk assessment isn’t applicable to you it may be helpful to someone in your email list or social network, so please read on.

Will You Help Me Help As Many People As Possible?

I’d really like to help as many people as I can because if we can all limit any human contact and adhere to the Government’s guidelines on social distancing then we can help reduce the number of people affected by the virus.

However, some staff are finding themselves in situations where they are working with people who are presenting challenging, aggressive and violent behaviour and are (to put it bluntly) very scared and are not getting the protective equipment they need or any information on what to do.

Please Share The Link

Therefore, I’d like to ask you a favour, and that is please share this link so that as many people as possible can get access to the risk assessment –

It will literally take you seconds to do and it may help prevent an unnecessary loss of life.

And if you can add your own recommendation to why they should download and read it that would help too. 

Share To Your Email List and Social Networks

We can all do our bit and if you and everyone else who requested the risk assessment shared it with their email list and their network on social media that one simple thing may help save a life.

Please share this link –

In the meanwhile if you have any questions or if I can be of help to you in any other way, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Thank you.