Trevel Henry and I Discuss Physical Restraint and The Covid-19 Situation [Video]

Trevel Henry is a good friend and a very experience Expert Witness on the use of force as well having been a trainer for many years now.

In this video we discuss the issues relating to the use of physical restraint in the current pandemic situation in an open and frank way.

We also discuss the problems staff face if they should fall out of date by not being able to attend a refresher course and how that can be addressed.

We also discuss the very serious liabilities that can arise from (and for) those people who may be giving incorrect advice contrary to what the law provides and how they can be creating a massive liability for themselves further down the line. For example, certain inspectors or managers or even trainers who state that certain techniques can’t be used, which is primarily based on their ‘opinion’ or their ‘interpretation’ of something.

This sometimes leads to staff being unnecessarily suspended, disciplined and (in some cases) dismissed, and if that member of staff then takes their employer to an employment tribunal and wins (because the decision was flawed and based on a lack of knowledge in that area) the compensation to the member of staff and the cost to the employer can be huge. Oh, and by the way, if any decision was based on incorrect advice, the employers insurance is very likely to not pay out.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel (so to speak), because at the end of this video Trevel and I are offering something unique that can help resolve all the above from happening.

And you’ll love the metaphor about the Judge too!

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