Do You Have a License To Carry Handcuffs

Do You Have a License To Carry Handcuffs? – My Daily Podcast in 5 Minutes or Less!

Recently a security officer, who at the time was working for a local authority on a subcontracted basis, intervened in an incident and possibly saved a man’s life by restraining him and using handcuffs to control him.

The police were called and took the restrained man away and didn’t have any issue with the fact that the security officer had used handcuffs.

A short while later a safeguarding officer from the local authority, investigated the incident and said that they were reporting him to the SIA for professional misconduct because he handcuffed the male, after the SIA allegedly told the council that handcuffs were a breach of his licence.

Then a police officer said that he wanted to see his license to carry handcuffs.

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