Doctor’s Suicide Due To Possible Negligence and Breach of The Human Rights Act

Doctor’s Suicide Due To Negligence and Breach of The Human Rights Act

The widow of a doctor who took his own life has filed a claim against her husband’s former trust and the General Medical Council.

She is being supported by the BMA (British Medical Association) in her claim against her husband’s former employer, and the [GMC], for negligence and for a breach of Article 2(1) of the Human Rights Act – the right to life and the positive obligation to preserve life.

This case took me back to two situations that I was involved with many years ago. 

One was a man who had used force to restrain a child and who was being charged with abuse as a result of using force on a child.

In another similar case a man under investigation for using force on a child ended up committing suicide.

In both cases the investigations were being undertaken by people who had little or no knowledge of the law in relation to the use of force.

And this is still going on today at not only grass roots organisational levels but also at Government Inspectorate levels too.

It has to stop before someone else dies.

This is why we guarantee to support anyone who trains with us on our BTEC Level 3 Restraint Instructor Award Course.